Best Attackers Tier List

Explore our complete Pokémon GO Attacker Tier List, optimized to highlight the game's best and most effective Raid Pokémon. This guide delves into the top-tier attackers, offering insights into the Pokémon that stand the test of time despite frequent meta shifts. Whether you're a seasoned Trainer or just starting out, learn which Pokémon offer the best return on your investment in Stardust and Candy.

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💡 Note: Pokémon inside every tier are sorted to show Primal Pokémon first, then Mega Pokémon, then Shadow Pokémon, and then all the other Pokémon. Pokémon are further sorted by their Max CP.

Pokémon GO Best attackers

S Tier

S Tier Pokémon are the strongest, most versatile, and most useful Pokémon you can power up. These Pokémon consistently serve as the best counters in a variety of different Raids, making them worth every bit of Stardust and Candy you invest. Here are the top 20 Attackers you can have in Pokémon GO.

A+ Tier

A+ Tier Pokémon are amazing attackers and frequently bring considerable utility to your team. They are powerful, versatile, and dependable Pokémon that are definitely worth powering up. Often forming the backbone of every team, these Pokémon rank as the best 30 attackers, just outside our S Tier.

A Tier

A Tier Pokémon are situational specialists and set a high standard for selecting counters. These Pokémon exemplify the best among non-Shadow Pokémon, potent Shadow variants, and lower-tier Mega Evolutions, all of which remain useful in specific scenarios.

B+ Tier

B+ Tier Pokémon generally perform well, although they tend to be overshadowed by more prominent options in higher tiers. While not the foremost choice, these Pokémon are far from subpar and remain viable alternatives. Opting for any of these Pokémon is still a sound decision.

B Tier

B Tier Pokémon can be seen as supplementary choices for your team. While they may not perform on par with A+ or B+ Tier Pokémon, they still hold their own in various situations. These Pokémon are particularly suitable for trainers who are just starting out or who might not have access to top-tier Pokémon, offering good options for lower levels and those new to the game.

C Tier

C Tier Pokémon generally aren't worth significant investment, as their performance is markedly inferior compared to Pokémon from other tiers. While some Trainers enjoy the added challenge of using them in Raids, we typically do not recommend them due to their limited effectiveness.

D Tier

We do not recommend using D Tier Pokémon as Raid attackers due to their limited effectiveness in most scenarios. However, they can perform adequately in a specific subset of Raids. Notably, their strengths are more pronounced in Trainer Battles, where they can be a better fit.