Poison-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Poison-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Poison-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Poison-type Pokémon are weak to Ground and Psychic-type moves. They take reduced damage from Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, and Poison-type moves.

Max CP
1Thumbnail image of BulbasaurBulbasaurGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11260 CP118 ATK111 DEF128 STA
2Thumbnail image of IvysaurIvysaurGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11921 CP151 ATK143 DEF155 STA
3Thumbnail image of VenusaurVenusaurGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 13075 CP198 ATK189 DEF190 STA
3Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega VenusaurMega Pokémon iconMega VenusaurGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 14181 CP241 ATK246 DEF190 STA
13Thumbnail image of WeedleWeedleBugPoisonKantoGeneration 1515 CP63 ATK50 DEF120 STA
14Thumbnail image of KakunaKakunaBugPoisonKantoGeneration 1488 CP46 ATK75 DEF128 STA
15Thumbnail image of BeedrillBeedrillBugPoisonKantoGeneration 12087 CP169 ATK130 DEF163 STA
15Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega BeedrillMega Pokémon iconMega BeedrillBugPoisonKantoGeneration 13824 CP303 ATK148 DEF163 STA
23Thumbnail image of EkansEkansPoisonKantoGeneration 11048 CP110 ATK97 DEF111 STA
24Thumbnail image of ArbokArbokPoisonKantoGeneration 12171 CP167 ATK153 DEF155 STA
29Thumbnail image of Nidoran♀Nidoran♀PoisonKantoGeneration 1922 CP86 ATK89 DEF146 STA
30Thumbnail image of NidorinaNidorinaPoisonKantoGeneration 11480 CP117 ATK120 DEF172 STA
31Thumbnail image of NidoqueenNidoqueenPoisonGroundKantoGeneration 12812 CP180 ATK173 DEF207 STA
32Thumbnail image of Nidoran♂Nidoran♂PoisonKantoGeneration 1973 CP105 ATK76 DEF130 STA
33Thumbnail image of NidorinoNidorinoPoisonKantoGeneration 11575 CP137 ATK111 DEF156 STA
34Thumbnail image of NidokingNidokingPoisonGroundKantoGeneration 12902 CP204 ATK156 DEF191 STA
41Thumbnail image of ZubatZubatPoisonFlyingKantoGeneration 1754 CP83 ATK73 DEF120 STA
42Thumbnail image of GolbatGolbatPoisonFlyingKantoGeneration 12234 CP161 ATK150 DEF181 STA
43Thumbnail image of OddishOddishGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11389 CP131 ATK112 DEF128 STA
44Thumbnail image of GloomGloomGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11900 CP153 ATK136 DEF155 STA
45Thumbnail image of VileplumeVileplumeGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 12893 CP202 ATK167 DEF181 STA
48Thumbnail image of VenonatVenonatBugPoisonKantoGeneration 11135 CP100 ATK100 DEF155 STA
49Thumbnail image of VenomothVenomothBugPoisonKantoGeneration 12354 CP179 ATK143 DEF172 STA
69Thumbnail image of BellsproutBellsproutGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11168 CP139 ATK61 DEF137 STA
70Thumbnail image of WeepinbellWeepinbellGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11822 CP172 ATK92 DEF163 STA
71Thumbnail image of VictreebelVictreebelGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 12748 CP207 ATK135 DEF190 STA
72Thumbnail image of TentacoolTentacoolWaterPoisonKantoGeneration 11176 CP97 ATK149 DEF120 STA
73Thumbnail image of TentacruelTentacruelWaterPoisonKantoGeneration 12738 CP166 ATK209 DEF190 STA
80Thumbnail image of Galarian SlowbroGalarian SlowbroPoisonPsychicKantoGeneration 12764 CP182 ATK156 DEF216 STA
88Thumbnail image of GrimerGrimerPoisonKantoGeneration 11553 CP135 ATK90 DEF190 STA
88Thumbnail image of Alolan GrimerAlolan GrimerPoisonDarkKantoGeneration 11553 CP135 ATK90 DEF190 STA
89Thumbnail image of MukMukPoisonKantoGeneration 13117 CP190 ATK172 DEF233 STA
89Thumbnail image of Alolan MukAlolan MukPoisonDarkKantoGeneration 13117 CP190 ATK172 DEF233 STA
92Thumbnail image of GastlyGastlyGhostPoisonKantoGeneration 11390 CP186 ATK67 DEF102 STA
93Thumbnail image of HaunterHaunterGhostPoisonKantoGeneration 12219 CP223 ATK107 DEF128 STA
94Thumbnail image of GengarGengarGhostPoisonKantoGeneration 13254 CP261 ATK149 DEF155 STA
94Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega GengarMega Pokémon iconMega GengarGhostPoisonKantoGeneration 14902 CP349 ATK199 DEF155 STA
109Thumbnail image of KoffingKoffingPoisonKantoGeneration 11373 CP119 ATK141 DEF120 STA
110Thumbnail image of WeezingWeezingPoisonKantoGeneration 12592 CP174 ATK197 DEF163 STA
110Thumbnail image of Galarian WeezingGalarian WeezingPoisonFairyKantoGeneration 12592 CP174 ATK197 DEF163 STA
167Thumbnail image of SpinarakSpinarakBugPoisonJohtoGeneration 2923 CP105 ATK73 DEF120 STA
168Thumbnail image of AriadosAriadosBugPoisonJohtoGeneration 22003 CP161 ATK124 DEF172 STA
169Thumbnail image of CrobatCrobatPoisonFlyingJohtoGeneration 22992 CP194 ATK178 DEF198 STA
194Thumbnail image of Paldean WooperPaldean WooperPoisonGroundJohtoGeneration 2725 CP75 ATK66 DEF146 STA
199Thumbnail image of Galarian SlowkingGalarian SlowkingPoisonPsychicJohtoGeneration 23072 CP190 ATK180 DEF216 STA
211Thumbnail image of QwilfishQwilfishWaterPoisonJohtoGeneration 22318 CP184 ATK138 DEF163 STA
211Thumbnail image of Hisuian QwilfishHisuian QwilfishDarkPoisonJohtoGeneration 22415 CP184 ATK151 DEF163 STA
215Thumbnail image of Hisuian SneaselHisuian SneaselFightingPoisonJohtoGeneration 22319 CP189 ATK146 DEF146 STA
269Thumbnail image of DustoxDustoxBugPoisonHoennGeneration 31384 CP98 ATK162 DEF155 STA
315Thumbnail image of RoseliaRoseliaGrassPoisonHoennGeneration 32114 CP186 ATK131 DEF137 STA
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