1 km Buddy Pokémon List

A list of all Pokémon that require 1 km (0.61 miles) walking to earn 1 Candy as a Buddy Pokémon. One kilometer is equivalent to 0.6214 miles.

Max CP
10Thumbnail image of CaterpieCaterpieBug494 CP55 ATK55 DEF128 STA
11Thumbnail image of MetapodMetapodBug509 CP45 ATK80 DEF137 STA
12Thumbnail image of ButterfreeButterfreeBugFlying2065 CP167 ATK137 DEF155 STA
13Thumbnail image of WeedleWeedleBugPoison515 CP63 ATK50 DEF120 STA
14Thumbnail image of KakunaKakunaBugPoison488 CP46 ATK75 DEF128 STA
15Thumbnail image of BeedrillBeedrillBugPoison2087 CP169 ATK130 DEF163 STA
15Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega BeedrillMega Pokémon iconMega BeedrillBugPoison3824 CP303 ATK148 DEF163 STA
16Thumbnail image of PidgeyPidgeyNormalFlying769 CP85 ATK73 DEF120 STA
17Thumbnail image of PidgeottoPidgeottoNormalFlying1350 CP117 ATK105 DEF160 STA
18Thumbnail image of PidgeotPidgeotNormalFlying2407 CP166 ATK154 DEF195 STA
18Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega PidgeotMega Pokémon iconMega PidgeotNormalFlying4160 CP280 ATK175 DEF195 STA
19Thumbnail image of RattataRattataNormal830 CP103 ATK70 DEF102 STA
19Thumbnail image of Alolan RattataAlolan RattataDarkNormal830 CP103 ATK70 DEF102 STA
20Thumbnail image of RaticateRaticateNormal1956 CP161 ATK139 DEF146 STA
20Thumbnail image of Alolan RaticateAlolan RaticateDarkNormal1927 CP135 ATK154 DEF181 STA
21Thumbnail image of SpearowSpearowNormalFlying902 CP112 ATK60 DEF120 STA
22Thumbnail image of FearowFearowNormalFlying2257 CP182 ATK133 DEF163 STA
25Thumbnail image of PikachuPikachuElectric1060 CP112 ATK96 DEF111 STA
26Thumbnail image of RaichuRaichuElectric2467 CP193 ATK151 DEF155 STA
26Thumbnail image of Alolan RaichuAlolan RaichuElectricPsychic2585 CP201 ATK154 DEF155 STA
35Thumbnail image of ClefairyClefairyFairy1306 CP107 ATK108 DEF172 STA
36Thumbnail image of ClefableClefableFairy2755 CP178 ATK162 DEF216 STA
39Thumbnail image of JigglypuffJigglypuffNormalFairy818 CP80 ATK41 DEF251 STA
40Thumbnail image of WigglytuffWigglytuffNormalFairy2178 CP156 ATK90 DEF295 STA
41Thumbnail image of ZubatZubatPoisonFlying754 CP83 ATK73 DEF120 STA
42Thumbnail image of GolbatGolbatPoisonFlying2234 CP161 ATK150 DEF181 STA
74Thumbnail image of GeodudeGeodudeRockGround1462 CP132 ATK132 DEF120 STA
74Thumbnail image of Alolan GeodudeAlolan GeodudeRockElectric1462 CP132 ATK132 DEF120 STA
75Thumbnail image of GravelerGravelerRockGround2145 CP164 ATK164 DEF146 STA
75Thumbnail image of Alolan GravelerAlolan GravelerRockElectric2145 CP164 ATK164 DEF146 STA
76Thumbnail image of GolemGolemRockGround3334 CP211 ATK198 DEF190 STA
76Thumbnail image of Alolan GolemAlolan GolemRockElectric3334 CP211 ATK198 DEF190 STA
128Thumbnail image of Paldean TaurosPaldean TaurosFighting3207 CP210 ATK193 DEF181 STA
128Thumbnail image of Paldean Tauros (Aqua Breed)Paldean Tauros (Aqua Breed)FightingWater3207 CP210 ATK193 DEF181 STA
128Thumbnail image of Paldean Tauros (Blaze Breed)Paldean Tauros (Blaze Breed)FightingFire3207 CP210 ATK193 DEF181 STA
129Thumbnail image of MagikarpMagikarpWater310 CP29 ATK85 DEF85 STA
130Thumbnail image of GyaradosGyaradosWaterFlying3834 CP237 ATK186 DEF216 STA
130Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega GyaradosMega Pokémon iconMega GyaradosWaterDark5332 CP292 ATK247 DEF216 STA
150Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega X MewtwoMega Pokémon iconMega X MewtwoPsychicFighting7339 CP412 ATK222 DEF235 STA
150Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega Y MewtwoMega Pokémon iconMega Y MewtwoPsychic7690 CP426 ATK229 DEF235 STA
161Thumbnail image of SentretSentretNormal698 CP79 ATK73 DEF111 STA
162Thumbnail image of FurretFurretNormal1987 CP148 ATK125 DEF198 STA
163Thumbnail image of HoothootHoothootNormalFlying766 CP67 ATK88 DEF155 STA
164Thumbnail image of NoctowlNoctowlNormalFlying2288 CP145 ATK156 DEF225 STA
165Thumbnail image of LedybaLedybaBugFlying823 CP72 ATK118 DEF120 STA
166Thumbnail image of LedianLedianBugFlying1522 CP107 ATK179 DEF146 STA
167Thumbnail image of SpinarakSpinarakBugPoison923 CP105 ATK73 DEF120 STA
168Thumbnail image of AriadosAriadosBugPoison2003 CP161 ATK124 DEF172 STA
169Thumbnail image of CrobatCrobatPoisonFlying2992 CP194 ATK178 DEF198 STA
172Thumbnail image of PichuPichuElectric535 CP77 ATK53 DEF85 STA
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