Dark-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Dark-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Dark-type Pokémon are weak to Bug, Fairy, and Fighting type moves. They take reduced damage from Dark, Ghost, and Psychic type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Dark-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
19Alolan RattataAlolan RattataDarkNormalKantoGeneration 1830 CP103 ATK70 DEF102 STA
20Alolan RaticateAlolan RaticateDarkNormalKantoGeneration 11927 CP135 ATK154 DEF181 STA
52Alolan MeowthAlolan MeowthDarkKantoGeneration 1901 CP99 ATK78 DEF120 STA
53Alolan PersianAlolan PersianDarkKantoGeneration 12002 CP158 ATK136 DEF163 STA
88Alolan GrimerAlolan GrimerPoisonDarkKantoGeneration 11553 CP135 ATK90 DEF190 STA
89Alolan MukAlolan MukPoisonDarkKantoGeneration 13117 CP190 ATK172 DEF233 STA
130Mega GyaradosMega Pokémon iconMega GyaradosWaterDarkKantoGeneration 15332 CP292 ATK247 DEF216 STA
146Galarian MoltresGalarian MoltresDarkFlyingKantoGeneration 13580 CP202 ATK231 DEF207 STA
197UmbreonUmbreonDarkJohtoGeneration 22416 CP126 ATK240 DEF216 STA
198MurkrowMurkrowDarkFlyingJohtoGeneration 21766 CP175 ATK87 DEF155 STA
211Hisuian QwilfishHisuian QwilfishDarkPoisonJohtoGeneration 22415 CP184 ATK151 DEF163 STA
215SneaselSneaselDarkIceJohtoGeneration 22319 CP189 ATK146 DEF146 STA
228HoundourHoundourDarkFireJohtoGeneration 21395 CP152 ATK83 DEF128 STA
229HoundoomHoundoomDarkFireJohtoGeneration 22979 CP224 ATK144 DEF181 STA
229Mega HoundoomMega Pokémon iconMega HoundoomDarkFireJohtoGeneration 24344 CP289 ATK194 DEF181 STA
248TyranitarTyranitarRockDarkJohtoGeneration 24335 CP251 ATK207 DEF225 STA
248Mega TyranitarMega Pokémon iconMega TyranitarRockDarkJohtoGeneration 26045 CP309 ATK276 DEF225 STA
261PoochyenaPoochyenaDarkHoennGeneration 3766 CP96 ATK61 DEF111 STA
262MightyenaMightyenaDarkHoennGeneration 32177 CP171 ATK132 DEF172 STA
263Galarian ZigzagoonGalarian ZigzagoonDarkNormalHoennGeneration 3575 CP58 ATK80 DEF116 STA
264Galarian LinooneGalarian LinooneDarkNormalHoennGeneration 31879 CP142 ATK128 DEF186 STA
274NuzleafNuzleafGrassDarkHoennGeneration 31387 CP134 ATK78 DEF172 STA
275ShiftryShiftryGrassDarkHoennGeneration 32637 CP200 ATK121 DEF207 STA
302SableyeSableyeDarkGhostHoennGeneration 31668 CP141 ATK136 DEF137 STA
302Mega SableyeMega Pokémon iconMega SableyeDarkGhostHoennGeneration 32196 CP151 ATK216 DEF137 STA
318CarvanhaCarvanhaWaterDarkHoennGeneration 31154 CP171 ATK39 DEF128 STA
319SharpedoSharpedoWaterDarkHoennGeneration 32466 CP243 ATK83 DEF172 STA
319Mega SharpedoMega Pokémon iconMega SharpedoWaterDarkHoennGeneration 33701 CP289 ATK144 DEF172 STA
332CacturneCacturneGrassDarkHoennGeneration 32598 CP221 ATK115 DEF172 STA
342CrawdauntCrawdauntWaterDarkHoennGeneration 32797 CP224 ATK142 DEF160 STA
359AbsolAbsolDarkHoennGeneration 32856 CP246 ATK120 DEF163 STA
359Mega AbsolMega Pokémon iconMega AbsolDarkHoennGeneration 33732 CP314 ATK130 DEF163 STA
430HonchkrowHonchkrowDarkFlyingSinnohGeneration 43065 CP243 ATK103 DEF225 STA
434StunkyStunkyPoisonDarkSinnohGeneration 41301 CP121 ATK90 DEF160 STA
435SkuntankSkuntankPoisonDarkSinnohGeneration 42666 CP184 ATK132 DEF230 STA
442SpiritombSpiritombGhostDarkSinnohGeneration 42343 CP169 ATK199 DEF137 STA
452DrapionDrapionPoisonDarkSinnohGeneration 42773 CP180 ATK202 DEF172 STA
461WeavileWeavileDarkIceSinnohGeneration 43397 CP243 ATK171 DEF172 STA
491DarkraiDarkraiDarkSinnohGeneration 44227 CP285 ATK198 DEF172 STA
493Arceus (Dark)Arceus (Dark)DarkSinnohGeneration 44510 CP238 ATK238 DEF237 STA
503Hisuian SamurottHisuian SamurottWaterDarkUnovaGeneration 53167 CP218 ATK152 DEF207 STA
509PurrloinPurrloinDarkUnovaGeneration 5872 CP98 ATK73 DEF121 STA
510LiepardLiepardDarkUnovaGeneration 52087 CP187 ATK106 DEF162 STA
551SandileSandileGroundDarkUnovaGeneration 51172 CP132 ATK69 DEF137 STA
552KrokorokKrokorokGroundDarkUnovaGeneration 51603 CP155 ATK90 DEF155 STA
553KrookodileKrookodileGroundDarkUnovaGeneration 53444 CP229 ATK158 DEF216 STA
559ScraggyScraggyDarkFightingUnovaGeneration 51551 CP132 ATK132 DEF137 STA
560ScraftyScraftyDarkFightingUnovaGeneration 52581 CP163 ATK222 DEF163 STA
570ZoruaZoruaDarkUnovaGeneration 51329 CP153 ATK78 DEF120 STA
571ZoroarkZoroarkDarkUnovaGeneration 52907 CP250 ATK127 DEF155 STA
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