Unova region Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Discover the complete list of all Unova region Pokémon from Generation 5 available in Pokémon GO. Get stats, strengths, weaknesses, stats, moves, combat power, and evolution details to maximize your gameplay experience. Catch 'em all with our comprehensive guide!

Max CP
494VictiniVictiniPsychicFire3691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
495SnivySnivyGrass960 CP88 ATK107 DEF128 STA
496ServineServineGrass1629 CP122 ATK152 DEF155 STA
497SerperiorSerperiorGrass2574 CP161 ATK204 DEF181 STA
498TepigTepigFire1224 CP115 ATK85 DEF163 STA
499PignitePigniteFireFighting2175 CP173 ATK106 DEF207 STA
500EmboarEmboarFireFighting3372 CP235 ATK127 DEF242 STA
501OshawottOshawottWater1182 CP117 ATK85 DEF146 STA
502DewottDewottWater1968 CP159 ATK116 DEF181 STA
503SamurottSamurottWater3194 CP212 ATK157 DEF216 STA
504PatratPatratNormal895 CP98 ATK73 DEF128 STA
505WatchogWatchogNormal2056 CP165 ATK139 DEF155 STA
506LillipupLillipupNormal1035 CP107 ATK86 DEF128 STA
507HerdierHerdierNormal1789 CP145 ATK126 DEF163 STA
508StoutlandStoutlandNormal3196 CP206 ATK182 DEF198 STA
509PurrloinPurrloinDark872 CP98 ATK73 DEF121 STA
510LiepardLiepardDark2087 CP187 ATK106 DEF162 STA
511PansagePansageGrass1081 CP104 ATK94 DEF137 STA
512SimisageSimisageGrass2657 CP206 ATK133 DEF181 STA
513PansearPansearFire1081 CP104 ATK94 DEF137 STA
514SimisearSimisearFire2657 CP206 ATK133 DEF181 STA
515PanpourPanpourWater1081 CP104 ATK94 DEF137 STA
516SimipourSimipourWater2657 CP206 ATK133 DEF181 STA
517MunnaMunnaPsychic1294 CP111 ATK92 DEF183 STA
518MusharnaMusharnaPsychic3079 CP183 ATK166 DEF253 STA
519PidovePidoveNormalFlying958 CP98 ATK80 DEF137 STA
520TranquillTranquillNormalFlying1631 CP144 ATK107 DEF158 STA
521UnfezantUnfezantNormalFlying3091 CP226 ATK146 DEF190 STA
522BlitzleBlitzleElectric998 CP118 ATK64 DEF128 STA
523ZebstrikaZebstrikaElectric2745 CP211 ATK136 DEF181 STA
524RoggenrolaRoggenrolaRock1362 CP121 ATK110 DEF146 STA
525BoldoreBoldoreRock2293 CP174 ATK143 DEF172 STA
526GigalithGigalithRock3650 CP226 ATK201 DEF198 STA
527WoobatWoobatPsychicFlying1149 CP107 ATK85 DEF163 STA
528SwoobatSwoobatPsychicFlying1940 CP161 ATK119 DEF167 STA
529DrilburDrilburGround1555 CP154 ATK85 DEF155 STA
530ExcadrillExcadrillGroundSteel3667 CP255 ATK129 DEF242 STA
531AudinoAudinoNormal1902 CP114 ATK163 DEF230 STA
531Mega AudinoMega Pokémon iconMega AudinoNormalFairy2853 CP147 ATK239 DEF230 STA
532TimburrTimburrFighting1487 CP134 ATK87 DEF181 STA
533GurdurrGurdurrFighting2452 CP180 ATK134 DEF198 STA
534ConkeldurrConkeldurrFighting3773 CP243 ATK158 DEF233 STA
535TympoleTympoleWater948 CP98 ATK78 DEF137 STA
536PalpitoadPalpitoadWaterGround1574 CP128 ATK109 DEF181 STA
537SeismitoadSeismitoadWaterGround2899 CP188 ATK150 DEF233 STA
538ThrohThrohFighting2896 CP172 ATK160 DEF260 STA
539SawkSawkFighting3152 CP231 ATK153 DEF181 STA
540SewaddleSewaddleBugGrass1105 CP96 ATK124 DEF128 STA
541SwadloonSwadloonBugGrass1549 CP115 ATK162 DEF146 STA
542LeavannyLeavannyBugGrass2917 CP205 ATK165 DEF181 STA
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