20 km Buddy Pokémon List

A list of all Pokémon that require 20 km (12.25 miles) walking to earn 1 Candy as a Buddy Pokémon. One kilometer is equivalent to 0.6214 miles.

Max CP
144ArticunoArticunoIceFlying3450 CP192 ATK236 DEF207 STA
144Galarian ArticunoGalarian ArticunoPsychicFlying4059 CP250 ATK197 DEF207 STA
145ZapdosZapdosElectricFlying3987 CP253 ATK185 DEF207 STA
145Galarian ZapdosGalarian ZapdosFightingFlying4012 CP252 ATK189 DEF207 STA
146MoltresMoltresFireFlying3917 CP251 ATK181 DEF207 STA
146Galarian MoltresGalarian MoltresDarkFlying3580 CP202 ATK231 DEF207 STA
150MewtwoMewtwoPsychic4724 CP300 ATK182 DEF214 STA
150Armored MewtwoArmored MewtwoPsychic3603 CP182 ATK278 DEF214 STA
151MewMewPsychic3691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
243RaikouRaikouElectric3902 CP241 ATK195 DEF207 STA
244EnteiEnteiFire3926 CP235 ATK171 DEF251 STA
245SuicuneSuicuneWater3372 CP180 ATK235 DEF225 STA
249LugiaLugiaPsychicFlying4186 CP193 ATK310 DEF235 STA
250Ho-OhHo-OhFireFlying4367 CP239 ATK244 DEF214 STA
251CelebiCelebiPsychicGrass3691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
377RegirockRegirockRock3530 CP179 ATK309 DEF190 STA
378RegiceRegiceIce3530 CP179 ATK309 DEF190 STA
379RegisteelRegisteelSteel2766 CP143 ATK285 DEF190 STA
380LatiasLatiasDragonPsychic3968 CP228 ATK246 DEF190 STA
380Mega LatiasMega Pokémon iconMega LatiasDragonPsychic5428 CP289 ATK297 DEF190 STA
381LatiosLatiosDragonPsychic4310 CP268 ATK212 DEF190 STA
381Mega LatiosMega Pokémon iconMega LatiosDragonPsychic5661 CP335 ATK241 DEF190 STA
382KyogreKyogreWater4652 CP270 ATK228 DEF205 STA
382Primal KyogrePrimal KyogreWater6672 CP353 ATK268 DEF218 STA
383GroudonGroudonGround4652 CP270 ATK228 DEF205 STA
383Primal GroudonPrimal GroudonGroundFire6672 CP353 ATK268 DEF218 STA
384RayquazaRayquazaDragonFlying4336 CP284 ATK170 DEF213 STA
384Mega RayquazaMega Pokémon iconMega RayquazaDragonFlying6458 CP377 ATK210 DEF227 STA
385JirachiJirachiSteelPsychic3691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
386Deoxys (Attack)Deoxys (Attack)Psychic2916 CP414 ATK46 DEF137 STA
386Deoxys (Defense)Deoxys (Defense)Psychic2570 CP144 ATK330 DEF137 STA
386Deoxys (Normal)Deoxys (Normal)Psychic3573 CP345 ATK115 DEF137 STA
386Deoxys (Speed)Deoxys (Speed)Psychic3255 CP230 ATK218 DEF137 STA
480UxieUxiePsychic2853 CP156 ATK270 DEF181 STA
481MespritMespritPsychic3457 CP212 ATK212 DEF190 STA
482AzelfAzelfPsychic3629 CP270 ATK151 DEF181 STA
483DialgaDialgaSteelDragon4565 CP275 ATK211 DEF205 STA
484PalkiaPalkiaWaterDragon4512 CP280 ATK215 DEF189 STA
485HeatranHeatranFireSteel4244 CP251 ATK213 DEF209 STA
486RegigigasRegigigasNormal4913 CP287 ATK210 DEF221 STA
487GiratinaGiratinaGhostDragon3820 CP187 ATK225 DEF284 STA
487Giratina (Altered Forme)Giratina (Altered Forme)GhostDragon3820 CP187 ATK225 DEF284 STA
487Giratina (Origin Forme)Giratina (Origin Forme)GhostDragon4164 CP225 ATK187 DEF284 STA
488CresseliaCresseliaPsychic3230 CP152 ATK258 DEF260 STA
489PhionePhioneWater2380 CP162 ATK162 DEF190 STA
490ManaphyManaphyWater3691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
491DarkraiDarkraiDark4227 CP285 ATK198 DEF172 STA
492ShayminShayminGrass3691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
492Shaymin (Land)Shaymin (Land)Grass3691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
492Shaymin (Sky)Shaymin (Sky)GrassFlying4061 CP261 ATK166 DEF225 STA
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