Ice-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Ice-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Ice-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Ice-type Pokémon are weak to Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel type moves. They take reduced damage from Ice type moves.

Max CP
27Thumbnail image of Alolan SandshrewAlolan SandshrewIceSteelKantoGeneration 11462 CP125 ATK129 DEF137 STA
28Thumbnail image of Alolan SandslashAlolan SandslashIceSteelKantoGeneration 12750 CP177 ATK195 DEF181 STA
37Thumbnail image of Alolan VulpixAlolan VulpixIceKantoGeneration 1998 CP96 ATK109 DEF116 STA
38Thumbnail image of Alolan NinetalesAlolan NinetalesIceFairyKantoGeneration 12610 CP170 ATK193 DEF177 STA
87Thumbnail image of DewgongDewgongWaterIceKantoGeneration 12245 CP139 ATK177 DEF207 STA
91Thumbnail image of CloysterCloysterWaterIceKantoGeneration 12880 CP186 ATK256 DEF137 STA
122Thumbnail image of Galarian Mr. MimeGalarian Mr. MimeIcePsychicKantoGeneration 12338 CP183 ATK169 DEF137 STA
124Thumbnail image of JynxJynxIcePsychicKantoGeneration 12888 CP223 ATK151 DEF163 STA
131Thumbnail image of LaprasLaprasWaterIceKantoGeneration 12985 CP165 ATK174 DEF277 STA
144Thumbnail image of ArticunoArticunoIceFlyingKantoGeneration 13450 CP192 ATK236 DEF207 STA
215Thumbnail image of SneaselSneaselDarkIceJohtoGeneration 22319 CP189 ATK146 DEF146 STA
220Thumbnail image of SwinubSwinubIceGroundJohtoGeneration 2837 CP90 ATK69 DEF137 STA
221Thumbnail image of PiloswinePiloswineIceGroundJohtoGeneration 22652 CP181 ATK138 DEF225 STA
225Thumbnail image of DelibirdDelibirdIceFlyingJohtoGeneration 21237 CP128 ATK90 DEF128 STA
238Thumbnail image of SmoochumSmoochumIcePsychicJohtoGeneration 21460 CP153 ATK91 DEF128 STA
351Thumbnail image of Castform (Snowy)Castform (Snowy)IceHoennGeneration 31845 CP139 ATK139 DEF172 STA
361Thumbnail image of SnoruntSnoruntIceHoennGeneration 31004 CP95 ATK95 DEF137 STA
362Thumbnail image of GlalieGlalieIceHoennGeneration 32380 CP162 ATK162 DEF190 STA
362Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega GlalieMega Pokémon iconMega GlalieIceHoennGeneration 33651 CP252 ATK168 DEF190 STA
363Thumbnail image of SphealSphealIceWaterHoennGeneration 31088 CP95 ATK90 DEF172 STA
364Thumbnail image of SealeoSealeoIceWaterHoennGeneration 31938 CP137 ATK132 DEF207 STA
365Thumbnail image of WalreinWalreinIceWaterHoennGeneration 33081 CP182 ATK176 DEF242 STA
378Thumbnail image of RegiceRegiceIceHoennGeneration 33530 CP179 ATK309 DEF190 STA
459Thumbnail image of SnoverSnoverGrassIceSinnohGeneration 41311 CP115 ATK105 DEF155 STA
460Thumbnail image of AbomasnowAbomasnowGrassIceSinnohGeneration 42670 CP178 ATK158 DEF207 STA
460Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega AbomasnowMega Pokémon iconMega AbomasnowGrassIceSinnohGeneration 43850 CP240 ATK191 DEF207 STA
461Thumbnail image of WeavileWeavileDarkIceSinnohGeneration 43397 CP243 ATK171 DEF172 STA
471Thumbnail image of GlaceonGlaceonIceSinnohGeneration 43535 CP238 ATK205 DEF163 STA
473Thumbnail image of MamoswineMamoswineIceGroundSinnohGeneration 43763 CP247 ATK146 DEF242 STA
478Thumbnail image of FroslassFroslassIceGhostSinnohGeneration 42306 CP171 ATK150 DEF172 STA
479Thumbnail image of Frost RotomFrost RotomElectricIceSinnohGeneration 42916 CP204 ATK219 DEF137 STA
493Thumbnail image of Arceus (Ice)Arceus (Ice)IceSinnohGeneration 44510 CP238 ATK238 DEF237 STA
554Thumbnail image of Galarian DarumakaGalarian DarumakaIceUnovaGeneration 51630 CP153 ATK86 DEF172 STA
555Thumbnail image of Galarian Standard Mode DarmanitanGalarian Standard Mode DarmanitanIceUnovaGeneration 53511 CP263 ATK114 DEF233 STA
555Thumbnail image of Galarian Zen Mode DarmanitanGalarian Zen Mode DarmanitanIceFireUnovaGeneration 54415 CP323 ATK123 DEF233 STA
582Thumbnail image of VanilliteVanilliteIceUnovaGeneration 51168 CP118 ATK106 DEF113 STA
583Thumbnail image of VanillishVanillishIceUnovaGeneration 51799 CP151 ATK138 DEF139 STA
584Thumbnail image of VanilluxeVanilluxeIceUnovaGeneration 53190 CP218 ATK184 DEF174 STA
613Thumbnail image of CubchooCubchooIceUnovaGeneration 51208 CP128 ATK74 DEF146 STA
614Thumbnail image of BearticBearticIceUnovaGeneration 53439 CP233 ATK152 DEF216 STA
615Thumbnail image of CryogonalCryogonalIceUnovaGeneration 53163 CP190 ATK218 DEF190 STA
646Thumbnail image of KyuremKyuremDragonIceUnovaGeneration 54041 CP246 ATK170 DEF245 STA
646Thumbnail image of Black KyuremBlack KyuremDragonIceUnovaGeneration 55206 CP310 ATK183 DEF245 STA
646Thumbnail image of White KyuremWhite KyuremDragonIceUnovaGeneration 55206 CP310 ATK183 DEF245 STA
698Thumbnail image of AmauraAmauraRockIceKalosGeneration 61541 CP124 ATK109 DEF184 STA
699Thumbnail image of AurorusAurorusRockIceKalosGeneration 63168 CP186 ATK163 DEF265 STA
712Thumbnail image of BergmiteBergmiteIceKalosGeneration 61374 CP117 ATK120 DEF146 STA
713Thumbnail image of AvaluggAvaluggIceKalosGeneration 63615 CP196 ATK240 DEF216 STA
713Thumbnail image of Hisuian AvaluggHisuian AvaluggIceRockKalosGeneration 63909 CP214 ATK238 DEF216 STA
740Thumbnail image of CrabominableCrabominableFightingIceAlolaGeneration 73286 CP231 ATK138 DEF219 STA
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