Hoenn region Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Discover the complete list of all Hoenn region Pokémon from Generation 3 available in Pokémon GO. Get stats, strengths, weaknesses, stats, moves, combat power, and evolution details to maximize your gameplay experience. Catch 'em all with our comprehensive guide!

Max CP
252TreeckoTreeckoGrass1190 CP124 ATK94 DEF120 STA
253GrovyleGrovyleGrass1891 CP172 ATK120 DEF137 STA
254SceptileSceptileGrass3117 CP223 ATK169 DEF172 STA
254Mega SceptileMega Pokémon iconMega SceptileGrassDragon4585 CP320 ATK186 DEF172 STA
255TorchicTorchicFire1236 CP130 ATK87 DEF128 STA
256CombuskenCombuskenFireFighting1868 CP163 ATK115 DEF155 STA
257BlazikenBlazikenFireFighting3219 CP240 ATK141 DEF190 STA
257Mega BlazikenMega Pokémon iconMega BlazikenFireFighting4704 CP329 ATK168 DEF190 STA
258MudkipMudkipWater1275 CP126 ATK93 DEF137 STA
259MarshtompMarshtompWaterGround2008 CP156 ATK133 DEF172 STA
260SwampertSwampertWaterGround3362 CP208 ATK175 DEF225 STA
260Mega SwampertMega Pokémon iconMega SwampertWaterGround4975 CP283 ATK218 DEF225 STA
261PoochyenaPoochyenaDark766 CP96 ATK61 DEF111 STA
262MightyenaMightyenaDark2177 CP171 ATK132 DEF172 STA
263ZigzagoonZigzagoonNormal575 CP58 ATK80 DEF116 STA
263Galarian ZigzagoonGalarian ZigzagoonDarkNormal575 CP58 ATK80 DEF116 STA
264LinooneLinooneNormal1879 CP142 ATK128 DEF186 STA
264Galarian LinooneGalarian LinooneDarkNormal1879 CP142 ATK128 DEF186 STA
265WurmpleWurmpleBug653 CP75 ATK59 DEF128 STA
266SilcoonSilcoonBug626 CP60 ATK77 DEF137 STA
267BeautiflyBeautiflyBugFlying1996 CP189 ATK98 DEF155 STA
268CascoonCascoonBug626 CP60 ATK77 DEF137 STA
269DustoxDustoxBugPoison1384 CP98 ATK162 DEF155 STA
270LotadLotadWaterGrass676 CP71 ATK77 DEF120 STA
271LombreLombreWaterGrass1353 CP112 ATK119 DEF155 STA
272LudicoloLudicoloWaterGrass2626 CP173 ATK176 DEF190 STA
273SeedotSeedotGrass676 CP71 ATK77 DEF120 STA
274NuzleafNuzleafGrassDark1387 CP134 ATK78 DEF172 STA
275ShiftryShiftryGrassDark2637 CP200 ATK121 DEF207 STA
276TaillowTaillowNormalFlying865 CP106 ATK61 DEF120 STA
277SwellowSwellowNormalFlying2170 CP185 ATK124 DEF155 STA
278WingullWingullWaterFlying865 CP106 ATK61 DEF120 STA
279PelipperPelipperWaterFlying2404 CP175 ATK174 DEF155 STA
280RaltsRaltsPsychicFairy609 CP79 ATK59 DEF99 STA
281KirliaKirliaPsychicFairy1093 CP117 ATK90 DEF116 STA
282GardevoirGardevoirPsychicFairy3497 CP237 ATK195 DEF169 STA
282Mega GardevoirMega Pokémon iconMega GardevoirPsychicFairy5101 CP326 ATK229 DEF169 STA
283SurskitSurskitBugWater894 CP93 ATK87 DEF120 STA
284MasquerainMasquerainBugFlying2567 CP192 ATK150 DEF172 STA
285ShroomishShroomishGrass916 CP74 ATK110 DEF155 STA
286BreloomBreloomGrassFighting2971 CP241 ATK144 DEF155 STA
287SlakothSlakothNormal1133 CP104 ATK92 DEF155 STA
288VigorothVigorothNormal2225 CP159 ATK145 DEF190 STA
289SlakingSlakingNormal5010 CP290 ATK166 DEF284 STA
290NincadaNincadaBugGround868 CP80 ATK126 DEF104 STA
291NinjaskNinjaskBugFlying2226 CP199 ATK112 DEF156 STA
292ShedinjaShedinjaBugGhost445 CP153 ATK73 DEF1 STA
293WhismurWhismurNormal758 CP92 ATK42 DEF162 STA
294LoudredLoudredNormal1500 CP134 ATK81 DEF197 STA
295ExploudExploudNormal2654 CP179 ATK137 DEF232 STA
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