Water-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Water-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Water-type Pokémon are weak to Electric, and Grass type moves. They take reduced damage from Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Water-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
7SquirtleSquirtleWaterKantoGeneration 11069 CP94 ATK121 DEF127 STA
8WartortleWartortleWaterKantoGeneration 11682 CP126 ATK155 DEF153 STA
9BlastoiseBlastoiseWaterKantoGeneration 12788 CP171 ATK207 DEF188 STA
9Mega BlastoiseMega Pokémon iconMega BlastoiseWaterKantoGeneration 14455 CP264 ATK237 DEF188 STA
54PsyduckPsyduckWaterKantoGeneration 11250 CP122 ATK95 DEF137 STA
55GolduckGolduckWaterKantoGeneration 12770 CP191 ATK162 DEF190 STA
60PoliwagPoliwagWaterKantoGeneration 1937 CP101 ATK82 DEF120 STA
61PoliwhirlPoliwhirlWaterKantoGeneration 11604 CP130 ATK123 DEF163 STA
62PoliwrathPoliwrathWaterFightingKantoGeneration 12923 CP182 ATK184 DEF207 STA
72TentacoolTentacoolWaterPoisonKantoGeneration 11176 CP97 ATK149 DEF120 STA
73TentacruelTentacruelWaterPoisonKantoGeneration 12738 CP166 ATK209 DEF190 STA
79SlowpokeSlowpokeWaterPsychicKantoGeneration 11386 CP109 ATK98 DEF207 STA
80SlowbroSlowbroWaterPsychicKantoGeneration 12877 CP177 ATK180 DEF216 STA
80Mega SlowbroMega Pokémon iconMega SlowbroWaterPsychicKantoGeneration 14245 CP224 ATK259 DEF216 STA
86SeelSeelWaterKantoGeneration 11098 CP85 ATK121 DEF163 STA
87DewgongDewgongWaterIceKantoGeneration 12245 CP139 ATK177 DEF207 STA
90ShellderShellderWaterKantoGeneration 11221 CP116 ATK134 DEF102 STA
91CloysterCloysterWaterIceKantoGeneration 12880 CP186 ATK256 DEF137 STA
98KrabbyKrabbyWaterKantoGeneration 11764 CP181 ATK124 DEF102 STA
99KinglerKinglerWaterKantoGeneration 13198 CP240 ATK181 DEF146 STA
116HorseaHorseaWaterKantoGeneration 11194 CP129 ATK103 DEF102 STA
117SeadraSeadraWaterKantoGeneration 12366 CP187 ATK156 DEF146 STA
118GoldeenGoldeenWaterKantoGeneration 11302 CP123 ATK110 DEF128 STA
119SeakingSeakingWaterKantoGeneration 12444 CP175 ATK147 DEF190 STA
120StaryuStaryuWaterKantoGeneration 11308 CP137 ATK112 DEF102 STA
121StarmieStarmieWaterPsychicKantoGeneration 12922 CP210 ATK184 DEF155 STA
129MagikarpMagikarpWaterKantoGeneration 1310 CP29 ATK85 DEF85 STA
130GyaradosGyaradosWaterFlyingKantoGeneration 13834 CP237 ATK186 DEF216 STA
130Mega GyaradosMega Pokémon iconMega GyaradosWaterDarkKantoGeneration 15332 CP292 ATK247 DEF216 STA
131LaprasLaprasWaterIceKantoGeneration 12985 CP165 ATK174 DEF277 STA
134VaporeonVaporeonWaterKantoGeneration 13521 CP205 ATK161 DEF277 STA
138OmanyteOmanyteRockWaterKantoGeneration 11746 CP155 ATK153 DEF111 STA
139OmastarOmastarRockWaterKantoGeneration 13150 CP207 ATK201 DEF172 STA
140KabutoKabutoRockWaterKantoGeneration 11549 CP148 ATK140 DEF102 STA
141KabutopsKabutopsRockWaterKantoGeneration 13067 CP220 ATK186 DEF155 STA
158TotodileTotodileWaterJohtoGeneration 21279 CP117 ATK109 DEF137 STA
159CroconawCroconawWaterJohtoGeneration 21947 CP150 ATK142 DEF163 STA
160FeraligatrFeraligatrWaterJohtoGeneration 23230 CP205 ATK188 DEF198 STA
170ChinchouChinchouWaterElectricJohtoGeneration 21265 CP106 ATK97 DEF181 STA
171LanturnLanturnWaterElectricJohtoGeneration 22357 CP146 ATK137 DEF268 STA
183MarillMarillWaterFairyJohtoGeneration 2521 CP37 ATK93 DEF172 STA
184AzumarillAzumarillWaterFairyJohtoGeneration 21795 CP112 ATK152 DEF225 STA
186PolitoedPolitoedWaterJohtoGeneration 22769 CP174 ATK179 DEF207 STA
194WooperWooperWaterGroundJohtoGeneration 2725 CP75 ATK66 DEF146 STA
195QuagsireQuagsireWaterGroundJohtoGeneration 22252 CP152 ATK143 DEF216 STA
199SlowkingSlowkingWaterPsychicJohtoGeneration 22877 CP177 ATK180 DEF216 STA
211QwilfishQwilfishWaterPoisonJohtoGeneration 22318 CP184 ATK138 DEF163 STA
222CorsolaCorsolaWaterRockJohtoGeneration 21558 CP118 ATK156 DEF146 STA
223RemoraidRemoraidWaterJohtoGeneration 21031 CP127 ATK69 DEF111 STA
224OctilleryOctilleryWaterJohtoGeneration 22617 CP197 ATK141 DEF181 STA
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