Johto region Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Discover the complete list of all Johto region Pokémon from Generation 2 available in Pokémon GO. Get stats, strengths, weaknesses, stats, moves, combat power, and evolution details to maximize your gameplay experience. Catch 'em all with our comprehensive guide!

Max CP
152ChikoritaChikoritaGrass1057 CP92 ATK122 DEF128 STA
153BayleefBayleefGrass1644 CP122 ATK155 DEF155 STA
154MeganiumMeganiumGrass2725 CP168 ATK202 DEF190 STA
155CyndaquilCyndaquilFire1108 CP116 ATK93 DEF118 STA
156QuilavaQuilavaFire1868 CP158 ATK126 DEF151 STA
157TyphlosionTyphlosionFire3266 CP223 ATK173 DEF186 STA
158TotodileTotodileWater1279 CP117 ATK109 DEF137 STA
159CroconawCroconawWater1947 CP150 ATK142 DEF163 STA
160FeraligatrFeraligatrWater3230 CP205 ATK188 DEF198 STA
161SentretSentretNormal698 CP79 ATK73 DEF111 STA
162FurretFurretNormal1987 CP148 ATK125 DEF198 STA
163HoothootHoothootNormalFlying766 CP67 ATK88 DEF155 STA
164NoctowlNoctowlNormalFlying2288 CP145 ATK156 DEF225 STA
165LedybaLedybaBugFlying823 CP72 ATK118 DEF120 STA
166LedianLedianBugFlying1522 CP107 ATK179 DEF146 STA
167SpinarakSpinarakBugPoison923 CP105 ATK73 DEF120 STA
168AriadosAriadosBugPoison2003 CP161 ATK124 DEF172 STA
169CrobatCrobatPoisonFlying2992 CP194 ATK178 DEF198 STA
170ChinchouChinchouWaterElectric1265 CP106 ATK97 DEF181 STA
171LanturnLanturnWaterElectric2357 CP146 ATK137 DEF268 STA
172PichuPichuElectric535 CP77 ATK53 DEF85 STA
173CleffaCleffaFairy759 CP75 ATK79 DEF137 STA
174IgglybuffIgglybuffNormalFairy605 CP69 ATK32 DEF207 STA
175TogepiTogepiFairy743 CP67 ATK116 DEF111 STA
176TogeticTogeticFairyFlying1931 CP139 ATK181 DEF146 STA
177NatuNatuPsychicFlying1246 CP134 ATK89 DEF120 STA
178XatuXatuPsychicFlying2474 CP192 ATK146 DEF163 STA
179MareepMareepElectric1120 CP114 ATK79 DEF146 STA
180FlaaffyFlaaffyElectric1720 CP145 ATK109 DEF172 STA
181AmpharosAmpharosElectric3225 CP211 ATK169 DEF207 STA
181Mega AmpharosMega Pokémon iconMega AmpharosElectricDragon4799 CP294 ATK203 DEF207 STA
182BellossomBellossomGrass2578 CP169 ATK186 DEF181 STA
183MarillMarillWaterFairy521 CP37 ATK93 DEF172 STA
184AzumarillAzumarillWaterFairy1795 CP112 ATK152 DEF225 STA
185SudowoodoSudowoodoRock2428 CP167 ATK176 DEF172 STA
186PolitoedPolitoedWater2769 CP174 ATK179 DEF207 STA
187HoppipHoppipGrassFlying678 CP67 ATK94 DEF111 STA
188SkiploomSkiploomGrassFlying1103 CP91 ATK120 DEF146 STA
189JumpluffJumpluffGrassFlying1850 CP118 ATK183 DEF181 STA
190AipomAipomNormal1524 CP136 ATK112 DEF146 STA
191SunkernSunkernGrass447 CP55 ATK55 DEF102 STA
192SunfloraSunfloraGrass2421 CP185 ATK135 DEF181 STA
193YanmaYanmaBugFlying1662 CP154 ATK94 DEF163 STA
194WooperWooperWaterGround725 CP75 ATK66 DEF146 STA
194Paldean WooperPaldean WooperPoisonGround725 CP75 ATK66 DEF146 STA
195QuagsireQuagsireWaterGround2252 CP152 ATK143 DEF216 STA
196EspeonEspeonPsychic3583 CP261 ATK175 DEF163 STA
197UmbreonUmbreonDark2416 CP126 ATK240 DEF216 STA
198MurkrowMurkrowDarkFlying1766 CP175 ATK87 DEF155 STA
199SlowkingSlowkingWaterPsychic2877 CP177 ATK180 DEF216 STA
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