Alola region Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Discover the complete list of all Alola region Pokémon from Generation 7 available in Pokémon GO. Get stats, strengths, weaknesses, stats, moves, combat power, and evolution details to maximize your gameplay experience. Catch 'em all with our comprehensive guide!

Max CP
722RowletRowletGrassFlying1196 CP102 ATK99 DEF169 STA
723DartrixDartrixGrassFlying1950 CP142 ATK139 DEF186 STA
724DecidueyeDecidueyeGrassGhost3137 CP210 ATK179 DEF186 STA
725LittenLittenFire1170 CP128 ATK79 DEF128 STA
726TorracatTorracatFire1934 CP174 ATK103 DEF163 STA
727IncineroarIncineroarFireDark3387 CP214 ATK175 DEF216 STA
728PopplioPopplioWater1276 CP120 ATK103 DEF137 STA
729BrionneBrionneWater2131 CP168 ATK145 DEF155 STA
730PrimarinaPrimarinaWaterFairy3618 CP232 ATK195 DEF190 STA
731PikipekPikipekNormalFlying1029 CP136 ATK59 DEF111 STA
732TrumbeakTrumbeakNormalFlying1671 CP159 ATK100 DEF146 STA
733ToucannonToucannonNormalFlying3040 CP222 ATK146 DEF190 STA
734YungoosYungoosNormal994 CP122 ATK56 DEF134 STA
735GumshoosGumshoosNormal2470 CP194 ATK113 DEF204 STA
736GrubbinGrubbinBug1112 CP115 ATK85 DEF132 STA
737CharjabugCharjabugBugElectric1919 CP145 ATK161 DEF149 STA
738VikavoltVikavoltBugElectric3524 CP254 ATK158 DEF184 STA
739CrabrawlerCrabrawlerFighting1540 CP150 ATK104 DEF132 STA
740CrabominableCrabominableFightingIce3286 CP231 ATK138 DEF219 STA
741OricorioOricorioFireFlying2638 CP196 ATK145 DEF181 STA
741Oricorio (Baile)Oricorio (Baile)FireFlying2638 CP196 ATK145 DEF181 STA
741Oricorio (Pa'u)Oricorio (Pa'u)PsychicFlying2638 CP196 ATK145 DEF181 STA
741Oricorio (Pom-Pom)Oricorio (Pom-Pom)ElectricFlying2638 CP196 ATK145 DEF181 STA
741Oricorio (Sensu)Oricorio (Sensu)GhostFlying2638 CP196 ATK145 DEF181 STA
742CutieflyCutieflyBugFairy1004 CP110 ATK81 DEF120 STA
743RibombeeRibombeeBugFairy2488 CP198 ATK146 DEF155 STA
744RockruffRockruffRock1074 CP117 ATK78 DEF128 STA
745LycanrocLycanrocRock3027 CP231 ATK140 DEF181 STA
745Lycanroc (Dusk)Lycanroc (Dusk)Rock3054 CP234 ATK139 DEF181 STA
745Lycanroc (Midday)Lycanroc (Midday)Rock3027 CP231 ATK140 DEF181 STA
745Lycanroc (Midnight)Lycanroc (Midnight)Rock3102 CP218 ATK152 DEF198 STA
746WishiwashiWishiwashiWater392 CP46 ATK43 DEF128 STA
746Wishiwashi (School)Wishiwashi (School)Water3654 CP255 ATK242 DEF128 STA
746Wishiwashi (Solo)Wishiwashi (Solo)Water392 CP46 ATK43 DEF128 STA
747MareanieMareaniePoisonWater1099 CP98 ATK110 DEF137 STA
748ToxapexToxapexPoisonWater1905 CP114 ATK273 DEF137 STA
749MudbrayMudbrayGround2139 CP175 ATK121 DEF172 STA
750MudsdaleMudsdaleGround3443 CP214 ATK174 DEF225 STA
751DewpiderDewpiderWaterBug807 CP72 ATK117 DEF116 STA
752AraquanidAraquanidWaterBug2065 CP126 ATK219 DEF169 STA
753FomantisFomantisGrass838 CP100 ATK64 DEF120 STA
754LurantisLurantisGrass2711 CP192 ATK169 DEF172 STA
755MorelullMorelullGrassFairy1168 CP108 ATK119 DEF120 STA
756ShiinoticShiinoticGrassFairy2104 CP154 ATK168 DEF155 STA
757SalanditSalanditPoisonFire1268 CP136 ATK80 DEF134 STA
758SalazzleSalazzlePoisonFire2802 CP228 ATK130 DEF169 STA
759StuffulStuffulNormalFighting1529 CP136 ATK95 DEF172 STA
760BewearBewearNormalFighting3524 CP226 ATK141 DEF260 STA
761BounsweetBounsweetGrass532 CP55 ATK69 DEF123 STA
762SteeneeSteeneeGrass856 CP78 ATK94 DEF141 STA
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