Electric-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Electric-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Electric-type Pokémon are weak to Ground type moves. They take reduced damage from Electric, Flying, and Steel type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Electric-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
25PikachuPikachuElectricKantoGeneration 11060 CP112 ATK96 DEF111 STA
26RaichuRaichuElectricKantoGeneration 12467 CP193 ATK151 DEF155 STA
26Alolan RaichuAlolan RaichuElectricPsychicKantoGeneration 12585 CP201 ATK154 DEF155 STA
74Alolan GeodudeAlolan GeodudeRockElectricKantoGeneration 11462 CP132 ATK132 DEF120 STA
75Alolan GravelerAlolan GravelerRockElectricKantoGeneration 12145 CP164 ATK164 DEF146 STA
76Alolan GolemAlolan GolemRockElectricKantoGeneration 13334 CP211 ATK198 DEF190 STA
81MagnemiteMagnemiteElectricSteelKantoGeneration 11540 CP165 ATK121 DEF93 STA
82MagnetonMagnetonElectricSteelKantoGeneration 12810 CP223 ATK169 DEF137 STA
100VoltorbVoltorbElectricKantoGeneration 11141 CP109 ATK111 DEF120 STA
100Hisuian VoltorbHisuian VoltorbElectricGrassKantoGeneration 11141 CP109 ATK111 DEF120 STA
101ElectrodeElectrodeElectricKantoGeneration 12373 CP173 ATK173 DEF155 STA
101Hisuian ElectrodeHisuian ElectrodeElectricGrassKantoGeneration 12430 CP176 ATK176 DEF155 STA
125ElectabuzzElectabuzzElectricKantoGeneration 12639 CP198 ATK158 DEF163 STA
135JolteonJolteonElectricKantoGeneration 13265 CP232 ATK182 DEF163 STA
145ZapdosZapdosElectricFlyingKantoGeneration 13987 CP253 ATK185 DEF207 STA
170ChinchouChinchouWaterElectricJohtoGeneration 21265 CP106 ATK97 DEF181 STA
171LanturnLanturnWaterElectricJohtoGeneration 22357 CP146 ATK137 DEF268 STA
172PichuPichuElectricJohtoGeneration 2535 CP77 ATK53 DEF85 STA
179MareepMareepElectricJohtoGeneration 21120 CP114 ATK79 DEF146 STA
180FlaaffyFlaaffyElectricJohtoGeneration 21720 CP145 ATK109 DEF172 STA
181AmpharosAmpharosElectricJohtoGeneration 23225 CP211 ATK169 DEF207 STA
181Mega AmpharosMega Pokémon iconMega AmpharosElectricDragonJohtoGeneration 24799 CP294 ATK203 DEF207 STA
239ElekidElekidElectricJohtoGeneration 21364 CP135 ATK101 DEF128 STA
243RaikouRaikouElectricJohtoGeneration 23902 CP241 ATK195 DEF207 STA
309ElectrikeElectrikeElectricHoennGeneration 31091 CP123 ATK78 DEF120 STA
310ManectricManectricElectricHoennGeneration 32646 CP215 ATK127 DEF172 STA
310Mega ManectricMega Pokémon iconMega ManectricElectricHoennGeneration 34048 CP286 ATK179 DEF172 STA
311PluslePlusleElectricHoennGeneration 32010 CP167 ATK129 DEF155 STA
312MinunMinunElectricHoennGeneration 31915 CP147 ATK150 DEF155 STA
403ShinxShinxElectricSinnohGeneration 4990 CP117 ATK64 DEF128 STA
404LuxioLuxioElectricSinnohGeneration 41680 CP159 ATK95 DEF155 STA
405LuxrayLuxrayElectricSinnohGeneration 43265 CP232 ATK156 DEF190 STA
417PachirisuPachirisuElectricSinnohGeneration 41372 CP94 ATK172 DEF155 STA
462MagnezoneMagnezoneElectricSteelSinnohGeneration 43623 CP238 ATK205 DEF172 STA
466ElectivireElectivireElectricSinnohGeneration 43481 CP249 ATK163 DEF181 STA
479RotomRotomElectricGhostSinnohGeneration 42296 CP185 ATK159 DEF137 STA
479Rotom (Fan)Rotom (Fan)ElectricFlyingSinnohGeneration 42916 CP204 ATK219 DEF137 STA
479Rotom (Frost)Rotom (Frost)ElectricIceSinnohGeneration 42916 CP204 ATK219 DEF137 STA
479Rotom (Heat)Rotom (Heat)ElectricFireSinnohGeneration 42916 CP204 ATK219 DEF137 STA
479Rotom (Mow)Rotom (Mow)ElectricGrassSinnohGeneration 42916 CP204 ATK219 DEF137 STA
479Rotom (Wash)Rotom (Wash)ElectricWaterSinnohGeneration 42916 CP204 ATK219 DEF137 STA
493Arceus (Electric)Arceus (Electric)ElectricSinnohGeneration 44510 CP238 ATK238 DEF237 STA
522BlitzleBlitzleElectricUnovaGeneration 5998 CP118 ATK64 DEF128 STA
523ZebstrikaZebstrikaElectricUnovaGeneration 52745 CP211 ATK136 DEF181 STA
587EmolgaEmolgaElectricFlyingUnovaGeneration 51847 CP158 ATK127 DEF146 STA
595JoltikJoltikBugElectricUnovaGeneration 51156 CP110 ATK98 DEF137 STA
596GalvantulaGalvantulaBugElectricUnovaGeneration 52494 CP201 ATK128 DEF172 STA
602TynamoTynamoElectricUnovaGeneration 5917 CP105 ATK78 DEF111 STA
603EelektrikEelektrikElectricUnovaGeneration 51939 CP156 ATK130 DEF163 STA
604EelektrossEelektrossElectricUnovaGeneration 53089 CP217 ATK152 DEF198 STA
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