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Looking for Best Attackers and Defenders in Pokémon GO? We got you covered Trainer.

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Discover Pokémon based on the Pokémon Generation (region) they belong to. Discover stats and moves for Pokémon from Gen 1 to Gen 9, from Kanto to Paldea.

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Our comprehensive Best Attackers per Type Lists include top Pokémon GO attackers for each type, including the best moves for each attacker.

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Buddy Distances

Looking for a list of Pokémon by Buddy Distance? We got you covered Trainer. Our complete Buddy Distance Lists include all Pokémon with a given Buddy Distance.

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Looking for a specific type of Pokémon? GO Hub's Pokémon GO database has got you covered. Find Pokémon based on the Pokémon type they belong to.

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Pokémon GO Database

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