Fighting-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Fighting-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Fighting-type Pokémon are weak to Fairy, Flying, and Psychic type moves. They take reduced damage from Bug, Dark, and Rock type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Fighting-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
56MankeyMankeyFightingKantoGeneration 11317 CP148 ATK82 DEF120 STA
57PrimeapePrimeapeFightingKantoGeneration 12586 CP207 ATK138 DEF163 STA
62PoliwrathPoliwrathWaterFightingKantoGeneration 12923 CP182 ATK184 DEF207 STA
66MachopMachopFightingKantoGeneration 11445 CP137 ATK82 DEF172 STA
67MachokeMachokeFightingKantoGeneration 12296 CP177 ATK125 DEF190 STA
68MachampMachampFightingKantoGeneration 13455 CP234 ATK159 DEF207 STA
83Galarian Farfetch'dGalarian Farfetch'dFightingKantoGeneration 11893 CP174 ATK114 DEF141 STA
106HitmonleeHitmonleeFightingKantoGeneration 12912 CP224 ATK181 DEF137 STA
107HitmonchanHitmonchanFightingKantoGeneration 12636 CP193 ATK197 DEF137 STA
145Galarian ZapdosGalarian ZapdosFightingFlyingKantoGeneration 14012 CP252 ATK189 DEF207 STA
150Mega X MewtwoMega Pokémon iconMega X MewtwoPsychicFightingKantoGeneration 17339 CP412 ATK222 DEF235 STA
214HeracrossHeracrossBugFightingJohtoGeneration 23506 CP234 ATK179 DEF190 STA
214Mega HeracrossMega Pokémon iconMega HeracrossBugFightingJohtoGeneration 25443 CP334 ATK223 DEF190 STA
215Hisuian SneaselHisuian SneaselFightingPoisonJohtoGeneration 22319 CP189 ATK146 DEF146 STA
236TyrogueTyrogueFightingJohtoGeneration 2556 CP64 ATK64 DEF111 STA
237HitmontopHitmontopFightingJohtoGeneration 22438 CP173 ATK207 DEF137 STA
256CombuskenCombuskenFireFightingHoennGeneration 31868 CP163 ATK115 DEF155 STA
257BlazikenBlazikenFireFightingHoennGeneration 33219 CP240 ATK141 DEF190 STA
257Mega BlazikenMega Pokémon iconMega BlazikenFireFightingHoennGeneration 34704 CP329 ATK168 DEF190 STA
286BreloomBreloomGrassFightingHoennGeneration 32971 CP241 ATK144 DEF155 STA
296MakuhitaMakuhitaFightingHoennGeneration 3924 CP99 ATK54 DEF176 STA
297HariyamaHariyamaFightingHoennGeneration 33198 CP209 ATK114 DEF302 STA
307MedititeMedititeFightingPsychicHoennGeneration 3784 CP78 ATK107 DEF102 STA
308MedichamMedichamFightingPsychicHoennGeneration 31618 CP121 ATK152 DEF155 STA
308Mega MedichamMega Pokémon iconMega MedichamFightingPsychicHoennGeneration 32821 CP205 ATK179 DEF155 STA
391MonfernoMonfernoFireFightingSinnohGeneration 41780 CP158 ATK105 DEF162 STA
392InfernapeInfernapeFireFightingSinnohGeneration 43033 CP222 ATK151 DEF183 STA
428Mega LopunnyMega Pokémon iconMega LopunnyNormalFightingSinnohGeneration 44234 CP282 ATK214 DEF163 STA
447RioluRioluFightingSinnohGeneration 41123 CP127 ATK78 DEF120 STA
448LucarioLucarioFightingSteelSinnohGeneration 43056 CP236 ATK144 DEF172 STA
448Mega LucarioMega Pokémon iconMega LucarioFightingSteelSinnohGeneration 44325 CP310 ATK175 DEF172 STA
453CroagunkCroagunkPoisonFightingSinnohGeneration 41077 CP116 ATK76 DEF134 STA
454ToxicroakToxicroakPoisonFightingSinnohGeneration 42813 CP211 ATK133 DEF195 STA
475GalladeGalladePsychicFightingSinnohGeneration 43497 CP237 ATK195 DEF169 STA
475Mega GalladeMega Pokémon iconMega GalladePsychicFightingSinnohGeneration 45112 CP326 ATK230 DEF169 STA
493Arceus (Fighting)Arceus (Fighting)FightingSinnohGeneration 44510 CP238 ATK238 DEF237 STA
499PignitePigniteFireFightingUnovaGeneration 52175 CP173 ATK106 DEF207 STA
500EmboarEmboarFireFightingUnovaGeneration 53372 CP235 ATK127 DEF242 STA
532TimburrTimburrFightingUnovaGeneration 51487 CP134 ATK87 DEF181 STA
533GurdurrGurdurrFightingUnovaGeneration 52452 CP180 ATK134 DEF198 STA
534ConkeldurrConkeldurrFightingUnovaGeneration 53773 CP243 ATK158 DEF233 STA
538ThrohThrohFightingUnovaGeneration 52896 CP172 ATK160 DEF260 STA
539SawkSawkFightingUnovaGeneration 53152 CP231 ATK153 DEF181 STA
559ScraggyScraggyDarkFightingUnovaGeneration 51551 CP132 ATK132 DEF137 STA
560ScraftyScraftyDarkFightingUnovaGeneration 52581 CP163 ATK222 DEF163 STA
619MienfooMienfooFightingUnovaGeneration 51570 CP160 ATK98 DEF128 STA
620MienshaoMienshaoFightingUnovaGeneration 53064 CP258 ATK127 DEF163 STA
638CobalionCobalionSteelFightingUnovaGeneration 53417 CP192 ATK229 DEF209 STA
639TerrakionTerrakionRockFightingUnovaGeneration 54181 CP260 ATK192 DEF209 STA
640VirizionVirizionGrassFightingUnovaGeneration 53417 CP192 ATK229 DEF209 STA
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