Kanto region Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Discover the complete list of all Kanto region Pokémon from Generation 1 available in Pokémon GO. Get stats, strengths, weaknesses, stats, moves, combat power, and evolution details to maximize your gameplay experience. Catch 'em all with our comprehensive guide!

Max CP
1BulbasaurBulbasaurGrassPoison1260 CP118 ATK111 DEF128 STA
2IvysaurIvysaurGrassPoison1921 CP151 ATK143 DEF155 STA
3VenusaurVenusaurGrassPoison3075 CP198 ATK189 DEF190 STA
3Mega VenusaurMega Pokémon iconMega VenusaurGrassPoison4181 CP241 ATK246 DEF190 STA
4CharmanderCharmanderFire1108 CP116 ATK93 DEF118 STA
5CharmeleonCharmeleonFire1868 CP158 ATK126 DEF151 STA
6CharizardCharizardFireFlying3266 CP223 ATK173 DEF186 STA
6Mega X CharizardMega Pokémon iconMega X CharizardFireDragon4353 CP273 ATK213 DEF186 STA
6Mega Y CharizardMega Pokémon iconMega Y CharizardFireFlying5037 CP319 ATK212 DEF186 STA
7SquirtleSquirtleWater1069 CP94 ATK121 DEF127 STA
8WartortleWartortleWater1682 CP126 ATK155 DEF153 STA
9BlastoiseBlastoiseWater2788 CP171 ATK207 DEF188 STA
9Mega BlastoiseMega Pokémon iconMega BlastoiseWater4455 CP264 ATK237 DEF188 STA
10CaterpieCaterpieBug494 CP55 ATK55 DEF128 STA
11MetapodMetapodBug509 CP45 ATK80 DEF137 STA
12ButterfreeButterfreeBugFlying2065 CP167 ATK137 DEF155 STA
13WeedleWeedleBugPoison515 CP63 ATK50 DEF120 STA
14KakunaKakunaBugPoison488 CP46 ATK75 DEF128 STA
15BeedrillBeedrillBugPoison2087 CP169 ATK130 DEF163 STA
15Mega BeedrillMega Pokémon iconMega BeedrillBugPoison3824 CP303 ATK148 DEF163 STA
16PidgeyPidgeyNormalFlying769 CP85 ATK73 DEF120 STA
17PidgeottoPidgeottoNormalFlying1350 CP117 ATK105 DEF160 STA
18PidgeotPidgeotNormalFlying2407 CP166 ATK154 DEF195 STA
18Mega PidgeotMega Pokémon iconMega PidgeotNormalFlying4160 CP280 ATK175 DEF195 STA
19RattataRattataNormal830 CP103 ATK70 DEF102 STA
19Alolan RattataAlolan RattataDarkNormal830 CP103 ATK70 DEF102 STA
20RaticateRaticateNormal1956 CP161 ATK139 DEF146 STA
20Alolan RaticateAlolan RaticateDarkNormal1927 CP135 ATK154 DEF181 STA
21SpearowSpearowNormalFlying902 CP112 ATK60 DEF120 STA
22FearowFearowNormalFlying2257 CP182 ATK133 DEF163 STA
23EkansEkansPoison1048 CP110 ATK97 DEF111 STA
24ArbokArbokPoison2171 CP167 ATK153 DEF155 STA
25PikachuPikachuElectric1060 CP112 ATK96 DEF111 STA
26RaichuRaichuElectric2467 CP193 ATK151 DEF155 STA
26Alolan RaichuAlolan RaichuElectricPsychic2585 CP201 ATK154 DEF155 STA
27SandshrewSandshrewGround1426 CP126 ATK120 DEF137 STA
27Alolan SandshrewAlolan SandshrewIceSteel1462 CP125 ATK129 DEF137 STA
28SandslashSandslashGround2684 CP182 ATK175 DEF181 STA
28Alolan SandslashAlolan SandslashIceSteel2750 CP177 ATK195 DEF181 STA
29Nidoran♀Nidoran♀Poison922 CP86 ATK89 DEF146 STA
30NidorinaNidorinaPoison1480 CP117 ATK120 DEF172 STA
31NidoqueenNidoqueenPoisonGround2812 CP180 ATK173 DEF207 STA
32Nidoran♂Nidoran♂Poison973 CP105 ATK76 DEF130 STA
33NidorinoNidorinoPoison1575 CP137 ATK111 DEF156 STA
34NidokingNidokingPoisonGround2902 CP204 ATK156 DEF191 STA
35ClefairyClefairyFairy1306 CP107 ATK108 DEF172 STA
36ClefableClefableFairy2755 CP178 ATK162 DEF216 STA
37VulpixVulpixFire998 CP96 ATK109 DEF116 STA
37Alolan VulpixAlolan VulpixIce998 CP96 ATK109 DEF116 STA
38NinetalesNinetalesFire2577 CP169 ATK190 DEF177 STA
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