Bug-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Bug-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Bug-type Pokémon are weak to Fire, Flying, and Rock type moves. They take reduced damage from Fighting, Grass, and Ground type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Bug-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
10CaterpieCaterpieBugKantoGeneration 1494 CP55 ATK55 DEF128 STA
11MetapodMetapodBugKantoGeneration 1509 CP45 ATK80 DEF137 STA
12ButterfreeButterfreeBugFlyingKantoGeneration 12065 CP167 ATK137 DEF155 STA
13WeedleWeedleBugPoisonKantoGeneration 1515 CP63 ATK50 DEF120 STA
14KakunaKakunaBugPoisonKantoGeneration 1488 CP46 ATK75 DEF128 STA
15BeedrillBeedrillBugPoisonKantoGeneration 12087 CP169 ATK130 DEF163 STA
15Mega BeedrillMega Pokémon iconMega BeedrillBugPoisonKantoGeneration 13824 CP303 ATK148 DEF163 STA
46ParasParasBugGrassKantoGeneration 11150 CP121 ATK99 DEF111 STA
47ParasectParasectBugGrassKantoGeneration 12102 CP165 ATK146 DEF155 STA
48VenonatVenonatBugPoisonKantoGeneration 11135 CP100 ATK100 DEF155 STA
49VenomothVenomothBugPoisonKantoGeneration 12354 CP179 ATK143 DEF172 STA
123ScytherScytherBugFlyingKantoGeneration 13060 CP218 ATK170 DEF172 STA
127PinsirPinsirBugKantoGeneration 13345 CP238 ATK182 DEF163 STA
127Mega PinsirMega Pokémon iconMega PinsirBugFlyingKantoGeneration 14728 CP305 ATK231 DEF163 STA
165LedybaLedybaBugFlyingJohtoGeneration 2823 CP72 ATK118 DEF120 STA
166LedianLedianBugFlyingJohtoGeneration 21522 CP107 ATK179 DEF146 STA
167SpinarakSpinarakBugPoisonJohtoGeneration 2923 CP105 ATK73 DEF120 STA
168AriadosAriadosBugPoisonJohtoGeneration 22003 CP161 ATK124 DEF172 STA
193YanmaYanmaBugFlyingJohtoGeneration 21662 CP154 ATK94 DEF163 STA
204PinecoPinecoBugJohtoGeneration 21253 CP108 ATK122 DEF137 STA
205ForretressForretressBugSteelJohtoGeneration 22580 CP161 ATK205 DEF181 STA
212ScizorScizorBugSteelJohtoGeneration 23393 CP236 ATK181 DEF172 STA
212Mega ScizorMega Pokémon iconMega ScizorBugSteelJohtoGeneration 24621 CP279 ATK250 DEF172 STA
213ShuckleShuckleBugRockJohtoGeneration 2458 CP17 ATK396 DEF85 STA
214HeracrossHeracrossBugFightingJohtoGeneration 23506 CP234 ATK179 DEF190 STA
214Mega HeracrossMega Pokémon iconMega HeracrossBugFightingJohtoGeneration 25443 CP334 ATK223 DEF190 STA
265WurmpleWurmpleBugHoennGeneration 3653 CP75 ATK59 DEF128 STA
266SilcoonSilcoonBugHoennGeneration 3626 CP60 ATK77 DEF137 STA
267BeautiflyBeautiflyBugFlyingHoennGeneration 31996 CP189 ATK98 DEF155 STA
268CascoonCascoonBugHoennGeneration 3626 CP60 ATK77 DEF137 STA
269DustoxDustoxBugPoisonHoennGeneration 31384 CP98 ATK162 DEF155 STA
283SurskitSurskitBugWaterHoennGeneration 3894 CP93 ATK87 DEF120 STA
284MasquerainMasquerainBugFlyingHoennGeneration 32567 CP192 ATK150 DEF172 STA
290NincadaNincadaBugGroundHoennGeneration 3868 CP80 ATK126 DEF104 STA
291NinjaskNinjaskBugFlyingHoennGeneration 32226 CP199 ATK112 DEF156 STA
292ShedinjaShedinjaBugGhostHoennGeneration 3445 CP153 ATK73 DEF1 STA
313VolbeatVolbeatBugHoennGeneration 32002 CP143 ATK166 DEF163 STA
314IllumiseIllumiseBugHoennGeneration 32002 CP143 ATK166 DEF163 STA
347AnorithAnorithRockBugHoennGeneration 31729 CP176 ATK100 DEF128 STA
348ArmaldoArmaldoRockBugHoennGeneration 33220 CP222 ATK174 DEF181 STA
401KricketotKricketotBugSinnohGeneration 4453 CP45 ATK74 DEF114 STA
402KricketuneKricketuneBugSinnohGeneration 41869 CP160 ATK100 DEF184 STA
412Burmy (Plant)Burmy (Plant)BugSinnohGeneration 4552 CP53 ATK83 DEF120 STA
412Burmy (Sandy)Burmy (Sandy)BugSinnohGeneration 4552 CP53 ATK83 DEF120 STA
412Burmy (Trash)Burmy (Trash)BugSinnohGeneration 4552 CP53 ATK83 DEF120 STA
413Wormadam (Plant)Wormadam (Plant)BugGrassSinnohGeneration 42005 CP141 ATK180 DEF155 STA
413Wormadam (Sandy)Wormadam (Sandy)BugGroundSinnohGeneration 42005 CP141 ATK180 DEF155 STA
413Wormadam (Trash)Wormadam (Trash)BugSteelSinnohGeneration 41802 CP127 ATK175 DEF155 STA
414MothimMothimBugFlyingSinnohGeneration 42052 CP185 ATK98 DEF172 STA
415CombeeCombeeBugFlyingSinnohGeneration 4559 CP59 ATK83 DEF102 STA
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