Charge Attacks in Gym and Raid Battles

Raid Battles

A list of all Charge attacks in Pokémon GO with their Gym and Raid Battle stats. Unleash the power of your Pokémon in PvE battles! Dive into our comprehensive guide on Pokémon GO Charge Attacks, optimize your team, and dominate the Raid Arena.

PoisonAcid Spray 20503.0s6.67
FlyingAcrobatics 1001002.0s50.00
FlyingAerial Ace 55332.4s22.92
FlyingAeroblast 1801003.4s52.94
FlyingAeroblast+ 2001003.4s58.82
FlyingAeroblast++ 2251003.4s66.18
FlyingAir Cutter 60502.7s22.22
RockAncient Power 70333.5s20.00
WaterAqua Jet 45332.6s17.31
WaterAqua Tail 50331.9s26.32
FightingAura Sphere 90501.8s50.00
IceAurora Beam 80503.5s22.54
IceAvalanche 90502.7s33.33
FireBlast Burn 110503.3s33.33
FireBlaze Kick 45331.2s37.50
FlyingBleakwind Storm 1401002.3s60.87
IceBlizzard 1301003.1s41.94
NormalBody Slam 50331.9s26.32
GroundBone Club 40331.6s25.00
NormalBoomburst 1401002.3s60.87
FlyingBrave Bird 1301002.0s65.00
DragonBreaking Swipe 35330.8s43.75
FightingBrick Break 40331.6s25.00
WaterBrine 60502.3s26.09
DarkBrutal Swing 65331.9s34.21
WaterBubble Beam 45331.9s23.68
BugBug Buzz 100503.7s27.03
GroundBulldoze 80503.5s22.86
FightingClose Combat 1001002.3s43.48
WaterCrabhammer 85501.9s44.74
FightingCross Chop 50501.5s33.33
PoisonCross Poison 40331.5s26.67
DarkCrunch 70333.2s21.88
NormalCrush Claw 001.9s0
DarkDark Pulse 80503.0s26.67
FairyDazzling Gleam 100503.5s28.57
GroundDig 100504.7s21.28
FairyDisarming Voice 70333.9s17.95
ElectricDischarge 65332.5s26.00
SteelDoom Desire 70331.7s41.18
SteelDouble Iron Bash 70332.0s35.00
DragonDraco Meteor 1501003.6s41.67
FlyingDragon Ascent 140503.5s40.00
DragonDragon Claw 50331.7s29.41
DragonDragon Pulse 90503.6s25.00
FightingDrain Punch 50332.4s20.83
FairyDraining Kiss 60502.6s23.08
FlyingDrill Peck 65332.3s28.26
GroundDrill Run 80502.8s28.57
FightingDynamic Punch 90502.7s33.33
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