Normal-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Normal-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Normal-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Normal-type Pokémon are weak to Fighting type moves. They take reduced damage from Ghost type moves.

Max CP
16Thumbnail image of PidgeyPidgeyNormalFlyingKantoGeneration 1769 CP85 ATK73 DEF120 STA
17Thumbnail image of PidgeottoPidgeottoNormalFlyingKantoGeneration 11350 CP117 ATK105 DEF160 STA
18Thumbnail image of PidgeotPidgeotNormalFlyingKantoGeneration 12407 CP166 ATK154 DEF195 STA
18Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega PidgeotMega Pokémon iconMega PidgeotNormalFlyingKantoGeneration 14160 CP280 ATK175 DEF195 STA
19Thumbnail image of RattataRattataNormalKantoGeneration 1830 CP103 ATK70 DEF102 STA
19Thumbnail image of Alolan RattataAlolan RattataDarkNormalKantoGeneration 1830 CP103 ATK70 DEF102 STA
20Thumbnail image of RaticateRaticateNormalKantoGeneration 11956 CP161 ATK139 DEF146 STA
20Thumbnail image of Alolan RaticateAlolan RaticateDarkNormalKantoGeneration 11927 CP135 ATK154 DEF181 STA
21Thumbnail image of SpearowSpearowNormalFlyingKantoGeneration 1902 CP112 ATK60 DEF120 STA
22Thumbnail image of FearowFearowNormalFlyingKantoGeneration 12257 CP182 ATK133 DEF163 STA
39Thumbnail image of JigglypuffJigglypuffNormalFairyKantoGeneration 1818 CP80 ATK41 DEF251 STA
40Thumbnail image of WigglytuffWigglytuffNormalFairyKantoGeneration 12178 CP156 ATK90 DEF295 STA
52Thumbnail image of MeowthMeowthNormalKantoGeneration 1846 CP92 ATK78 DEF120 STA
53Thumbnail image of PersianPersianNormalKantoGeneration 11910 CP150 ATK136 DEF163 STA
83Thumbnail image of Farfetch'dFarfetch'dNormalFlyingKantoGeneration 11397 CP124 ATK115 DEF141 STA
84Thumbnail image of DoduoDoduoNormalFlyingKantoGeneration 11357 CP158 ATK83 DEF111 STA
85Thumbnail image of DodrioDodrioNormalFlyingKantoGeneration 12670 CP218 ATK140 DEF155 STA
108Thumbnail image of LickitungLickitungNormalKantoGeneration 11595 CP108 ATK137 DEF207 STA
113Thumbnail image of ChanseyChanseyNormalKantoGeneration 11418 CP60 ATK128 DEF487 STA
115Thumbnail image of KangaskhanKangaskhanNormalKantoGeneration 12924 CP181 ATK165 DEF233 STA
115Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega KangaskhanMega Pokémon iconMega KangaskhanNormalKantoGeneration 14353 CP246 ATK210 DEF233 STA
128Thumbnail image of TaurosTaurosNormalKantoGeneration 12962 CP198 ATK183 DEF181 STA
132Thumbnail image of DittoDittoNormalKantoGeneration 1940 CP91 ATK91 DEF134 STA
133Thumbnail image of EeveeEeveeNormalKantoGeneration 11210 CP104 ATK114 DEF146 STA
137Thumbnail image of PorygonPorygonNormalKantoGeneration 11944 CP153 ATK136 DEF163 STA
143Thumbnail image of SnorlaxSnorlaxNormalKantoGeneration 13647 CP190 ATK169 DEF330 STA
161Thumbnail image of SentretSentretNormalJohtoGeneration 2698 CP79 ATK73 DEF111 STA
162Thumbnail image of FurretFurretNormalJohtoGeneration 21987 CP148 ATK125 DEF198 STA
163Thumbnail image of HoothootHoothootNormalFlyingJohtoGeneration 2766 CP67 ATK88 DEF155 STA
164Thumbnail image of NoctowlNoctowlNormalFlyingJohtoGeneration 22288 CP145 ATK156 DEF225 STA
174Thumbnail image of IgglybuffIgglybuffNormalFairyJohtoGeneration 2605 CP69 ATK32 DEF207 STA
190Thumbnail image of AipomAipomNormalJohtoGeneration 21524 CP136 ATK112 DEF146 STA
203Thumbnail image of GirafarigGirafarigNormalPsychicJohtoGeneration 22314 CP182 ATK133 DEF172 STA
206Thumbnail image of DunsparceDunsparceNormalJohtoGeneration 21909 CP131 ATK128 DEF225 STA
216Thumbnail image of TeddiursaTeddiursaNormalJohtoGeneration 21502 CP142 ATK93 DEF155 STA
217Thumbnail image of UrsaringUrsaringNormalJohtoGeneration 23329 CP236 ATK144 DEF207 STA
233Thumbnail image of Porygon2Porygon2NormalJohtoGeneration 23065 CP198 ATK180 DEF198 STA
234Thumbnail image of StantlerStantlerNormalJohtoGeneration 22447 CP192 ATK131 DEF177 STA
235Thumbnail image of SmeargleSmeargleNormalJohtoGeneration 2487 CP40 ATK83 DEF146 STA
241Thumbnail image of MiltankMiltankNormalJohtoGeneration 22662 CP157 ATK193 DEF216 STA
242Thumbnail image of BlisseyBlisseyNormalJohtoGeneration 23117 CP129 ATK169 DEF496 STA
263Thumbnail image of ZigzagoonZigzagoonNormalHoennGeneration 3575 CP58 ATK80 DEF116 STA
263Thumbnail image of Galarian ZigzagoonGalarian ZigzagoonDarkNormalHoennGeneration 3575 CP58 ATK80 DEF116 STA
264Thumbnail image of LinooneLinooneNormalHoennGeneration 31879 CP142 ATK128 DEF186 STA
264Thumbnail image of Galarian LinooneGalarian LinooneDarkNormalHoennGeneration 31879 CP142 ATK128 DEF186 STA
276Thumbnail image of TaillowTaillowNormalFlyingHoennGeneration 3865 CP106 ATK61 DEF120 STA
277Thumbnail image of SwellowSwellowNormalFlyingHoennGeneration 32170 CP185 ATK124 DEF155 STA
287Thumbnail image of SlakothSlakothNormalHoennGeneration 31133 CP104 ATK92 DEF155 STA
288Thumbnail image of VigorothVigorothNormalHoennGeneration 32225 CP159 ATK145 DEF190 STA
289Thumbnail image of SlakingSlakingNormalHoennGeneration 35010 CP290 ATK166 DEF284 STA
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