Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Ghost-type Pokémon are weak to Dark, and Ghost type moves. They take reduced damage from Bug, Poison, Fighting, and Normal type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Ghost-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
92GastlyGastlyGhostPoisonKantoGeneration 11390 CP186 ATK67 DEF102 STA
93HaunterHaunterGhostPoisonKantoGeneration 12219 CP223 ATK107 DEF128 STA
94GengarGengarGhostPoisonKantoGeneration 13254 CP261 ATK149 DEF155 STA
94Mega GengarMega Pokémon iconMega GengarGhostPoisonKantoGeneration 14902 CP349 ATK199 DEF155 STA
105Alolan MarowakAlolan MarowakFireGhostKantoGeneration 12075 CP144 ATK186 DEF155 STA
200MisdreavusMisdreavusGhostJohtoGeneration 22178 CP167 ATK154 DEF155 STA
292ShedinjaShedinjaBugGhostHoennGeneration 3445 CP153 ATK73 DEF1 STA
302SableyeSableyeDarkGhostHoennGeneration 31668 CP141 ATK136 DEF137 STA
302Mega SableyeMega Pokémon iconMega SableyeDarkGhostHoennGeneration 32196 CP151 ATK216 DEF137 STA
353ShuppetShuppetGhostHoennGeneration 31151 CP138 ATK65 DEF127 STA
354BanetteBanetteGhostHoennGeneration 32599 CP218 ATK126 DEF162 STA
354Mega BanetteMega Pokémon iconMega BanetteGhostHoennGeneration 34063 CP312 ATK160 DEF162 STA
355DuskullDuskullGhostHoennGeneration 3798 CP70 ATK162 DEF85 STA
356DusclopsDusclopsGhostHoennGeneration 31799 CP124 ATK234 DEF120 STA
425DrifloonDrifloonGhostFlyingSinnohGeneration 41353 CP117 ATK80 DEF207 STA
426DrifblimDrifblimGhostFlyingSinnohGeneration 42693 CP180 ATK102 DEF312 STA
429MismagiusMismagiusGhostSinnohGeneration 42957 CP211 ATK187 DEF155 STA
442SpiritombSpiritombGhostDarkSinnohGeneration 42343 CP169 ATK199 DEF137 STA
477DusknoirDusknoirGhostSinnohGeneration 42700 CP180 ATK254 DEF128 STA
478FroslassFroslassIceGhostSinnohGeneration 42306 CP171 ATK150 DEF172 STA
479RotomRotomElectricGhostSinnohGeneration 42296 CP185 ATK159 DEF137 STA
487Giratina (Altered Forme)Giratina (Altered Forme)GhostDragonSinnohGeneration 43820 CP187 ATK225 DEF284 STA
487Giratina (Origin Forme)Giratina (Origin Forme)GhostDragonSinnohGeneration 44164 CP225 ATK187 DEF284 STA
493Arceus (Ghost)Arceus (Ghost)GhostSinnohGeneration 44510 CP238 ATK238 DEF237 STA
562YamaskYamaskGhostUnovaGeneration 51110 CP95 ATK141 DEF116 STA
562Galarian YamaskGalarian YamaskGroundGhostUnovaGeneration 51110 CP95 ATK141 DEF116 STA
563CofagrigusCofagrigusGhostUnovaGeneration 52570 CP163 ATK237 DEF151 STA
592FrillishFrillishWaterGhostUnovaGeneration 51421 CP115 ATK134 DEF146 STA
592Frillish (Female)Frillish (Female)WaterGhostUnovaGeneration 51421 CP115 ATK134 DEF146 STA
593JellicentJellicentWaterGhostUnovaGeneration 52644 CP159 ATK178 DEF225 STA
593Jellicent (Female)Jellicent (Female)WaterGhostUnovaGeneration 52644 CP159 ATK178 DEF225 STA
607LitwickLitwickGhostFireUnovaGeneration 51138 CP108 ATK98 DEF137 STA
608LampentLampentGhostFireUnovaGeneration 51931 CP169 ATK115 DEF155 STA
609ChandelureChandelureGhostFireUnovaGeneration 53695 CP271 ATK182 DEF155 STA
622GolettGolettGroundGhostUnovaGeneration 51344 CP127 ATK92 DEF153 STA
623GolurkGolurkGroundGhostUnovaGeneration 53226 CP222 ATK154 DEF205 STA
679HonedgeHonedgeSteelGhostKalosGeneration 61571 CP135 ATK139 DEF128 STA
680DoubladeDoubladeSteelGhostKalosGeneration 62761 CP188 ATK206 DEF153 STA
681AegislashAegislashSteelGhostKalosGeneration 61803 CP97 ATK291 DEF155 STA
708PhantumpPhantumpGhostGrassKalosGeneration 61270 CP125 ATK103 DEF125 STA
709TrevenantTrevenantGhostGrassKalosGeneration 62893 CP201 ATK154 DEF198 STA
710PumpkabooPumpkabooGhostGrassKalosGeneration 61359 CP122 ATK124 DEF127 STA
710Pumpkaboo (Average)Pumpkaboo (Average)GhostGrassKalosGeneration 61381 CP121 ATK123 DEF135 STA
710Pumpkaboo (Large)Pumpkaboo (Large)GhostGrassKalosGeneration 61406 CP120 ATK122 DEF144 STA
710Pumpkaboo (Small)Pumpkaboo (Small)GhostGrassKalosGeneration 61359 CP122 ATK124 DEF127 STA
710Pumpkaboo (Super)Pumpkaboo (Super)GhostGrassKalosGeneration 61414 CP118 ATK120 DEF153 STA
711GourgeistGourgeistGhostGrassKalosGeneration 62549 CP171 ATK219 DEF146 STA
711Gourgeist (Average)Gourgeist (Average)GhostGrassKalosGeneration 62702 CP175 ATK213 DEF163 STA
711Gourgeist (Large)Gourgeist (Large)GhostGrassKalosGeneration 62850 CP179 ATK206 DEF181 STA
711Gourgeist (Small)Gourgeist (Small)GhostGrassKalosGeneration 62549 CP171 ATK219 DEF146 STA
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