Shadow Rampardos

Shadow Rampardos has a Max CP of 3728 in Pokémon GO, it is weather boosted by Partly Cloudy weather, and it was originally found in the Sinnoh region. Shiny Shadow Rampardos is not available in Pokémon GO.

Shadow Rampardos is a Rock-type Pokémon. Shadow Rampardos is weak to Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-type moves. It takes reduced damage from Fire, Flying, Normal, and Poison-type moves.


Max CP3728 CP
Attack295 ATK
Defense109 DEF
Stamina219 STA
Weather Boost
  • partlyCloudyPartly Cloudy
ReleasedYes Yes
Shiny releasedNo No
Buddy distance5 km
Pokédex informationPokédex information
Pokédex Number#409
Height1.6 m
Weight102.5 kg
RegionSinnoh Generation 4
Can be tradedAllowed
Pokémon Home transferAllowed
Base Catch Rate20%
Base Flee Rate0%
Catch rewards
5 Candy
300 Stardust
Additional Move Cost
75 Candy
75000 Candy

Shadow Rampardos type chart

Takes increased damage
Takes decreased damage

Type chart shows the percentage (%) of damage taken from an incoming attack of a particular type.

Shadow Rampardos's best moves and move sets


Shadow Rampardos's best Pokémon GO moveset is Smack Down and Rock Slide, with 21.87 DPS (damage per second) and 367.0 TDO (total damage output). These moves are boosted by Partly Cloudy weather.

Best Shadow Rampardos moves
Weather Boost
  • partlyCloudy
Pro tip by Professor WillowIf you are unable to get Shadow Rampardos with its best moveset, we recommend to use Smack Down/Outrage. You will lose around 6.4% DPS and TDO, which makes these moves a viable alternative to Shadow Rampardos's strongest moveset (Smack Down/Rock Slide).

Shadow Rampardos moves comparison

The following chart shows Shadow Rampardos's DPS and TDO for every fast and charge attack combination. This chart is useful for comparing the relative strength of Shadow Rampardos's movesets. You can change the weather and the opposing Pokémon to see how it affects the rankings.

      Fast Attack
      Charged Attack
      Score 🔽
      1.RockSmack Down RockRock Slide 21.87367.038.6
      2.RockSmack Down DragonOutrage 20.47343.536.2
      3.PsychicZen Headbutt RockRock Slide 20.20338.935.7
      4.RockSmack Down FireFlamethrower 19.87333.435.1
      5.PsychicZen Headbutt DragonOutrage 18.96318.233.5
      6.PsychicZen Headbutt FireFlamethrower 17.72297.431.2
      7.RockSmack Down NormalFrustration 10.95183.813.5
      8.PsychicZen Headbutt NormalFrustration 8.04135.09.9

      Fast Attacks

      • PsychicZen Headbutt12Damage10Energy
        Toggle more information for move: Zen Headbutt
        Type effectiveness chart
        • 160.0%
          • FightingFighting
          • PoisonPoison
        • 62.5%
          • SteelSteel
          • PsychicPsychic
        • 39.1%
          • DarkDark
        Gym and Raid Battles
        Weather boost
        • windyWindy
        Damage window0.8s - 1.1s
        Trainer Battles

        Zen Headbutt has no special effects.
        See Zen Headbutt details page ↗
      • RockSmack Down16Damage8Energy
        Toggle more information for move: Smack Down
        Type effectiveness chart
        • 160.0%
          • FlyingFlying
          • BugBug
          • FireFire
          • IceIce
        • 62.5%
          • FightingFighting
          • GroundGround
          • SteelSteel
        Gym and Raid Battles
        Weather boost
        • partlyCloudyPartly Cloudy
        Damage window0.8s - 1.1s
        Trainer Battles

        Smack Down has no special effects.
        See Smack Down details page ↗

      Charged Moves

      • FireFlamethrower70Damage50Energy
        Toggle more information for move: Flamethrower
        Type effectiveness chart
        • 160.0%
          • BugBug
          • SteelSteel
          • GrassGrass
          • IceIce
        • 62.5%
          • RockRock
          • FireFire
          • WaterWater
          • DragonDragon
        Gym and Raid Battles
        Weather boost
        • sunnySunny
        Damage window1.5s - 1.7s
        Trainer Battles

        Flamethrower has no special effects.
        See Flamethrower details page ↗
      • RockRock Slide80Damage50Energy
        Toggle more information for move: Rock Slide
        Type effectiveness chart
        • 160.0%
          • FlyingFlying
          • BugBug
          • FireFire
          • IceIce
        • 62.5%
          • FightingFighting
          • GroundGround
          • SteelSteel
        Gym and Raid Battles
        Weather boost
        • partlyCloudyPartly Cloudy
        Damage window1.5s - 2.6s
        Trainer Battles

        Rock Slide has no special effects.
        See Rock Slide details page ↗
      • DragonOutrage110Damage50Energy
        Toggle more information for move: Outrage
        Type effectiveness chart
        • 160.0%
          • DragonDragon
        • 62.5%
          • SteelSteel
        • 39.1%
          • FairyFairy
        Gym and Raid Battles
        Weather boost
        • windyWindy
        Damage window2.5s - 3.7s
        Trainer Battles

        Outrage has no special effects.
        See Outrage details page ↗
      • NormalFrustration10Damage33Energy
        Toggle more information for move: Frustration
        Type effectiveness chart
        • 62.5%
          • RockRock
          • SteelSteel
        • 39.1%
          • GhostGhost
        Gym and Raid Battles
        Weather boost
        • partlyCloudyPartly Cloudy
        Damage window1.0s - 1.8s
        Trainer Battles

        Frustration has no special effects.
        See Frustration details page ↗
      Legacy Elite Fast and Charge Attacks can only be obtained during special events, or by using an Elite Fast TM or an Elite Charge TM. Legacy moves are marked with an asterisk (*). The table above provides information on different moves Shadow Rampardos has in Pokémon GO, along with their corresponding DPS (Damage per Second) and TDO (Total Damage Output).

      Shadow Rampardos Special CP Values

      CP Chart

      Max CP values in Raids, Eggs, Field Research

      Shadow Rampardos's Max CP is at Level 50. Shadow Rampardos Combat Power values in Pokémon GO Raids, Eggs, and Field Research encounter can be found below.

      Max CPMax CP3728 CP
      Level 50, 15/15/15 IVs
      Field ResearchResearch1347 CP - 1413 CP
      Level 15, 10/10/10 minimum IVs
      Pokémon EggEggs1796 CP - 1884 CP
      Level 20, 10/10/10 minimum IVs
      Raid catchRaids1727 CP - 1884 CP
      Level 20, 6/6/6 minimum IVs
      Raid catchRaidsWeather Boost
      • partlyCloudyPartly Cloudy
      2160 CP - 2355 CP
      Weather boosted, Level 25, 6/6/6 minimum IVs
      InfoMore information
      • Field and Special Research encounters are always Level 15. IVs range from 10 (min) to 15 (max). Field Research encounters have a 10/10/10 IV floor.
      • Pokémon hatched from Eggs are always Level 20. IVs range from 10 (min) to 15 (max). Egg Hatches have a 10/10/10 IV floor.
      • Raid Bosses caught without weather boost are always Level 20. IVs range from 10 (min) to 15 (max). Raid Catches have a 10/10/10 IV floor.
        • 😈 Shadow Pokémon have 6/6/6 IV floor in raids.
      • Raid Bosses caught with weather boost are always Level 25. IVs range from 10 (min) to 15 (max). Weather boosted Raid Catches have a 10/10/10 IV floor.
        • 😈 Shadow Pokémon have 6/6/6 IV floor in raids.
      • Wild encounters range from Level 1 to Level 30 Pokémon. Their IVs range from 0 (min) to 15 (max) for each stat.
      • Weather Boosted wild Pokémon encounters get a 5 Level boost, bringing their Level range to Level 6 to Level 35. In addition, they have a guaraneed minimum IV value of 4 for each stat, resulting in a 4/4/4 IV floor.

      Shadow Rampardos Max CP Chart

      CP Chart

      Max Combat Power per Level chart

      Shadow Rampardos Max CP per level chart. This table shows maximum Combat Power values from Level 1 to Level 50.

      146 CP2146 CP3245 CP
      4345 CP5444 CP6544 CP
      7643 CP8743 CP9843 CP
      10942 CP111036 CP121131 CP
      131225 CP141319 CP151413 CP
      161507 CP171601 CP181696 CP
      191790 CP201884 CP211978 CP
      222073 CP232167 CP242261 CP
      252355 CP262450 CP272544 CP
      282638 CP292732 CP302827 CP
      312874 CP322921 CP332968 CP
      343015 CP353062 CP363109 CP
      373156 CP383203 CP393251 CP
      403298 CP413339 CP423382 CP
      433424 CP443467 CP453510 CP
      463553 CP473596 CP483640 CP
      493684 CP503728 CP

      Shadow Rampardos evolution chart


      Shadow Rampardos has no evolutions in Pokémon GO.

      Mega Pokémon that boost Shadow Rampardos


      A list of Mega Pokémon that boost Shadow Rampardos's Rock-type moves, Candy, and Candy XL from catching Shadow Rampardos.

      Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega AerodactylMega Pokémon iconMega Aerodactyl
      Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega TyranitarMega Pokémon iconMega Tyranitar
      Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega DiancieMega Pokémon iconMega Diancie
      Pokédex informationMore information

      Mega and Primal Raid BonusMega Pokémon boost the attack power of all other Pokémon when battling in Raid Battles by 10%. Attacks that share their type with the Mega Pokémon's type(s) receive a 30% boost. However, these bonuses do not stack if there are multiple Mega-Evolved Pokémon battling simultaneously; only the higher boost will be applied.

      Mega and Primal Catch BonusWhile a Pokémon is Mega-Evolved, additional XP and Candy is granted when catching a Pokémon that shares a type with it, or for any raid boss caught. These do not stack with each other. Additionally, High and Max Level Mega-Evolved Pokémon grant an increased chance to obtain Candy XL when catching a Pokémon that shares a type with it.

      Note on Primal Kyogre and Groudon
      • Primal Kyogre boosts Water-, Electric- and Bug-type attacks and Pokémon.
      • Primal Groudon boosts Fire-, Grass- and Ground-type attacks and Pokémon.

      Shadow Rampardos Catch Rates

      Catch Rates

      The base catch rate for Shadow Rampardos in Pokémon GO is 24.03%, calculated for catching a Level 20 with no berries. Curved Great throw has a 50.38% chance to catch, and adding a Razz Berry raises that to 65.04%.

              No Berry
              Razz BerryRazz Berry
              Silver Pinap BerrySilver Pinap Berry
              - 39.02%43.38%52.38%59.95%
              Golden Razz BerryGolden Razz Berry
              - 49.69%54.62%64.32%71.94%
              InfoMore information

              Catch probability with multiple throws

              In order to help Trainers understand their overall odds when catching Shadow Rampardos, we enable the functionality to showing the total chance to catch it depending on the number of available throws. We calculate this chance as if you repeated the same throw N-number of times.

              To activate this functionality, change the number of Number of throws to a value greater than 1. The Number of throws option is available in the configuration options above the chart

              Catch rate formula

              Pokémon GO catch rate formula can be expressed as follows:

              • CATCH_MULTIPLIERS = ball * curve * berry * throwType * (type1Medal + type2Medal / 2)
              • CATCH_RATE = 1 - Math.pow(1 - baseCatchRate / (2 * cpm), CATCH_MULTIPLIERS)

              There are different multipliers that come into play when calculating catch rate.

              Curved throws are more effective than regular throws, stronger types of Poké Ball have a higher catch rate, and using a Razz Berry or a Golden Razz Berry also improves your chances.

              Catch rate multipliers

              The following table shows all the different catch rate multipliers in Pokémon GO:

              Razz Berry1.5
              Silver Pinap Berry1.8
              Golden Razz Berry2.5
              Nice Throw1.15
              Great Throw1.5
              Excellent Throw1.85
              Premier Ball1.0
              Great Ball1.5
              Ultra Ball2.0
              Bronze medal1.1
              Silver medal1.2
              Gold medal1.3

              List of Shadow Rampardos costumes


              A list of Shadow Rampardos costumes available in Pokémon GO.

              No costume sprites available

              Shadow Rampardos high resolution sprites


              A list of high resolution Pokémon HOME sprites related to Shadow Rampardos. Sprite description is a best guess on what the sprite is related to, use your own judgment. Click to download full 512x512 resolution.

              Shadow Rampardos Pokédex entries

              VersionsPokédex entry
              DiamondIts powerful head butt has enough power to shatter even the most durable things upon impact.
              PearlIts skull is as hard as iron. It is a brute that tears down jungle trees while catching prey.
              Platinum, Black, White, Black 2, White 2If two were to smash their heads together, their foot-thick skulls would keep them from fainting.
              HeartGold, SoulSilverIts skull withstands impacts of any magnitude. As a result, its brain never gets the chance to grow.
              X, Omega RubyIts skull withstands impacts of any magnitude. As a result, its brain never gets the chance to grow.
              Y, Alpha SapphireIts skull is as hard as iron. It is a brute that tears down jungle trees while catching prey.
              SunThe result of repeated headbutts is a skull grown thick and hard. However, its brain has shrunk in size compared with Cranidos’s.
              MoonRecords exist of a revived fossil that evolved into Rampardos. It proceeded to escape and then destroy a skyscraper with a headbutt.
              Ultra SunIn ancient times, people would dig up fossils of this Pokémon and use its skull, which is harder than steel, to make helmets.
              Ultra MoonThis ancient Pokémon used headbutts skillfully. Its brain was really small, so some theories suggest that its stupidity led to its extinction.
              Legends: ArceusVery little is known about its biology. Can knock down massive trees by smashing its beautiful, pearl-like crown against them.