Fast Attacks in Gym and Raid Battles

Raid Battles

A list of all Fast attacks in Pokémon GO with their Gym and Raid Battle stats. Master the art of quick strikes! Explore our in-depth analysis of Pokémon GO Fast Attacks for Gym and Raid Battles. Time to conquer the Gyms!

PoisonAcid 980.8s10.0011.25
FlyingAir Slash 14101.2s8.3311.67
GhostAstonish 8141.1s12.737.27
DarkBite 640.5s8.0012.00
WaterBubble 12141.2s11.6710.00
BugBug Bite 560.5s12.0010.00
SteelBullet Punch 9100.9s11.1110.00
GrassBullet Seed 8141.1s12.737.27
ElectricCharge Beam 8151.1s13.647.27
FairyCharm 20111.5s7.3313.33
PsychicConfusion 20151.6s9.3812.50
FightingCounter 1280.9s8.8913.33
NormalCut 550.5s10.0010.00
FightingDouble Kick 10131.0s13.0010.00
DragonDragon Breath 640.5s8.0012.00
DragonDragon Tail 1591.1s8.1813.64
FireEmber 10101.0s10.0010.00
PsychicExtrasensory 12121.1s10.9110.91
FairyFairy Wind 9131.0s13.409.28
DarkFeint Attack 1090.9s10.0011.11
FireFire Fang 1280.9s8.8913.33
FireFire Spin 14101.1s9.0912.73
IceFrost Breath 1080.9s8.8911.11
BugFury Cutter 360.4s15.007.50
FairyGeomancy 20141.5s9.3313.33
FlyingGust 25202.0s10.0012.50
GhostHex 10161.2s13.338.33
NormalHidden Power 15151.5s10.0010.00
IceIce Fang 12201.5s13.338.00
IceIce Shard 12121.2s10.0010.00
FireIncinerate 29202.3s8.7012.61
BugInfestation 10141.1s12.739.09
SteelIron Tail 1571.1s6.3613.64
FightingKarate Chop 8100.8s12.5010.00
GrassLeafage 960.7s8.5712.86
GhostLick 560.5s12.0010.00
NormalLock-On 160.3s20.003.33
FightingLow Kick 660.6s10.0010.00
GrassMagical Leaf 16161.4s11.4311.43
SteelMetal Claw 870.7s10.0011.43
GroundMud Shot 570.6s11.678.33
GroundMud-Slap 18121.4s8.5712.86
FlyingPeck 10101.0s10.0010.00
PoisonPoison Jab 1070.8s8.7512.50
PoisonPoison Sting 570.6s11.678.33
NormalPound 760.6s10.0011.67
IcePowder Snow 6151.0s15.006.00
NormalPresent 5201.3s15.383.85
PsychicPsycho Cut 580.6s13.338.33
NormalQuick Attack 8100.8s12.5010.00
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