Steel-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Steel-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Steel-type Pokémon are weak to Fighting, Fire, and Ground type moves. They take reduced damage from Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel, and Poison type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Steel-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
27Alolan SandshrewAlolan SandshrewIceSteelKantoGeneration 11462 CP125 ATK129 DEF137 STA
28Alolan SandslashAlolan SandslashIceSteelKantoGeneration 12750 CP177 ATK195 DEF181 STA
50Alolan DiglettAlolan DiglettGroundSteelKantoGeneration 1770 CP108 ATK81 DEF67 STA
51Alolan DugtrioAlolan DugtrioGroundSteelKantoGeneration 12145 CP201 ATK142 DEF111 STA
52Galarian MeowthGalarian MeowthSteelKantoGeneration 11170 CP115 ATK92 DEF137 STA
81MagnemiteMagnemiteElectricSteelKantoGeneration 11540 CP165 ATK121 DEF93 STA
82MagnetonMagnetonElectricSteelKantoGeneration 12810 CP223 ATK169 DEF137 STA
205ForretressForretressBugSteelJohtoGeneration 22580 CP161 ATK205 DEF181 STA
208SteelixSteelixSteelGroundJohtoGeneration 22729 CP148 ATK272 DEF181 STA
208Mega SteelixMega Pokémon iconMega SteelixSteelGroundJohtoGeneration 24149 CP212 ATK327 DEF181 STA
212ScizorScizorBugSteelJohtoGeneration 23393 CP236 ATK181 DEF172 STA
212Mega ScizorMega Pokémon iconMega ScizorBugSteelJohtoGeneration 24621 CP279 ATK250 DEF172 STA
227SkarmorySkarmorySteelFlyingJohtoGeneration 22383 CP148 ATK226 DEF163 STA
303MawileMawileSteelFairyHoennGeneration 31848 CP155 ATK141 DEF137 STA
303Mega MawileMega Pokémon iconMega MawileSteelFairyHoennGeneration 32691 CP188 ATK217 DEF137 STA
304AronAronSteelRockHoennGeneration 31478 CP121 ATK141 DEF137 STA
305LaironLaironSteelRockHoennGeneration 32324 CP158 ATK198 DEF155 STA
306AggronAggronSteelRockHoennGeneration 33391 CP198 ATK257 DEF172 STA
306Mega AggronMega Pokémon iconMega AggronSteelHoennGeneration 34705 CP247 ATK331 DEF172 STA
374BeldumBeldumSteelPsychicHoennGeneration 31104 CP96 ATK132 DEF120 STA
375MetangMetangSteelPsychicHoennGeneration 31946 CP138 ATK176 DEF155 STA
376MetagrossMetagrossSteelPsychicHoennGeneration 34286 CP257 ATK228 DEF190 STA
376Mega MetagrossMega Pokémon iconMega MetagrossSteelPsychicHoennGeneration 35552 CP300 ATK289 DEF190 STA
379RegisteelRegisteelSteelHoennGeneration 32766 CP143 ATK285 DEF190 STA
385JirachiJirachiSteelPsychicHoennGeneration 33691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
395EmpoleonEmpoleonWaterSteelSinnohGeneration 43279 CP210 ATK186 DEF197 STA
410ShieldonShieldonRockSteelSinnohGeneration 41007 CP76 ATK195 DEF102 STA
411BastiodonBastiodonRockSteelSinnohGeneration 41741 CP94 ATK286 DEF155 STA
413Wormadam (Trash)Wormadam (Trash)BugSteelSinnohGeneration 41802 CP127 ATK175 DEF155 STA
436BronzorBronzorSteelPsychicSinnohGeneration 4681 CP43 ATK154 DEF149 STA
437BronzongBronzongSteelPsychicSinnohGeneration 42531 CP161 ATK213 DEF167 STA
448LucarioLucarioFightingSteelSinnohGeneration 43056 CP236 ATK144 DEF172 STA
448Mega LucarioMega Pokémon iconMega LucarioFightingSteelSinnohGeneration 44325 CP310 ATK175 DEF172 STA
462MagnezoneMagnezoneElectricSteelSinnohGeneration 43623 CP238 ATK205 DEF172 STA
476ProbopassProbopassRockSteelSinnohGeneration 42351 CP135 ATK275 DEF155 STA
483DialgaDialgaSteelDragonSinnohGeneration 44565 CP275 ATK211 DEF205 STA
485HeatranHeatranFireSteelSinnohGeneration 44244 CP251 ATK213 DEF209 STA
493Arceus (Steel)Arceus (Steel)SteelSinnohGeneration 44510 CP238 ATK238 DEF237 STA
530ExcadrillExcadrillGroundSteelUnovaGeneration 53667 CP255 ATK129 DEF242 STA
589EscavalierEscavalierBugSteelUnovaGeneration 53266 CP223 ATK187 DEF172 STA
597FerroseedFerroseedGrassSteelUnovaGeneration 51064 CP82 ATK155 DEF127 STA
598FerrothornFerrothornGrassSteelUnovaGeneration 52624 CP158 ATK223 DEF179 STA
599KlinkKlinkSteelUnovaGeneration 51081 CP98 ATK121 DEF120 STA
600KlangKlangSteelUnovaGeneration 52088 CP150 ATK174 DEF155 STA
601KlinklangKlinklangSteelUnovaGeneration 52981 CP199 ATK214 DEF155 STA
618Galarian StunfiskGalarian StunfiskGroundSteelUnovaGeneration 52445 CP144 ATK171 DEF240 STA
624PawniardPawniardDarkSteelUnovaGeneration 51620 CP154 ATK114 DEF128 STA
625BisharpBisharpDarkSteelUnovaGeneration 53215 CP232 ATK176 DEF163 STA
632DurantDurantBugSteelUnovaGeneration 53007 CP217 ATK188 DEF151 STA
638CobalionCobalionSteelFightingUnovaGeneration 53417 CP192 ATK229 DEF209 STA
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