Rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Rock-type Pokémon are weak to Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water type moves. They take reduced damage from Fire, Flying, Normal, and Poison type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Rock-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
58Hisuian GrowlitheHisuian GrowlitheFireRockKantoGeneration 11495 CP142 ATK92 DEF155 STA
59Hisuian ArcanineHisuian ArcanineFireRockKantoGeneration 13556 CP232 ATK165 DEF216 STA
74GeodudeGeodudeRockGroundKantoGeneration 11462 CP132 ATK132 DEF120 STA
74Alolan GeodudeAlolan GeodudeRockElectricKantoGeneration 11462 CP132 ATK132 DEF120 STA
75GravelerGravelerRockGroundKantoGeneration 12145 CP164 ATK164 DEF146 STA
75Alolan GravelerAlolan GravelerRockElectricKantoGeneration 12145 CP164 ATK164 DEF146 STA
76GolemGolemRockGroundKantoGeneration 13334 CP211 ATK198 DEF190 STA
76Alolan GolemAlolan GolemRockElectricKantoGeneration 13334 CP211 ATK198 DEF190 STA
95OnixOnixRockGroundKantoGeneration 11245 CP85 ATK232 DEF111 STA
111RhyhornRhyhornGroundRockKantoGeneration 11867 CP140 ATK127 DEF190 STA
112RhydonRhydonGroundRockKantoGeneration 13594 CP222 ATK171 DEF233 STA
138OmanyteOmanyteRockWaterKantoGeneration 11746 CP155 ATK153 DEF111 STA
139OmastarOmastarRockWaterKantoGeneration 13150 CP207 ATK201 DEF172 STA
140KabutoKabutoRockWaterKantoGeneration 11549 CP148 ATK140 DEF102 STA
141KabutopsKabutopsRockWaterKantoGeneration 13067 CP220 ATK186 DEF155 STA
142AerodactylAerodactylRockFlyingKantoGeneration 13147 CP221 ATK159 DEF190 STA
142Mega AerodactylMega Pokémon iconMega AerodactylRockFlyingKantoGeneration 14655 CP292 ATK210 DEF190 STA
185SudowoodoSudowoodoRockJohtoGeneration 22428 CP167 ATK176 DEF172 STA
213ShuckleShuckleBugRockJohtoGeneration 2458 CP17 ATK396 DEF85 STA
219MagcargoMagcargoFireRockJohtoGeneration 21924 CP139 ATK191 DEF137 STA
222CorsolaCorsolaWaterRockJohtoGeneration 21558 CP118 ATK156 DEF146 STA
246LarvitarLarvitarRockGroundJohtoGeneration 21176 CP115 ATK93 DEF137 STA
247PupitarPupitarRockGroundJohtoGeneration 21996 CP155 ATK133 DEF172 STA
248TyranitarTyranitarRockDarkJohtoGeneration 24335 CP251 ATK207 DEF225 STA
248Mega TyranitarMega Pokémon iconMega TyranitarRockDarkJohtoGeneration 26045 CP309 ATK276 DEF225 STA
299NosepassNosepassRockHoennGeneration 31123 CP82 ATK215 DEF102 STA
304AronAronSteelRockHoennGeneration 31478 CP121 ATK141 DEF137 STA
305LaironLaironSteelRockHoennGeneration 32324 CP158 ATK198 DEF155 STA
306AggronAggronSteelRockHoennGeneration 33391 CP198 ATK257 DEF172 STA
337LunatoneLunatoneRockPsychicHoennGeneration 32631 CP178 ATK153 DEF207 STA
338SolrockSolrockRockPsychicHoennGeneration 32631 CP178 ATK153 DEF207 STA
345LileepLileepRockGrassHoennGeneration 31460 CP105 ATK150 DEF165 STA
346CradilyCradilyRockGrassHoennGeneration 32499 CP152 ATK194 DEF200 STA
347AnorithAnorithRockBugHoennGeneration 31729 CP176 ATK100 DEF128 STA
348ArmaldoArmaldoRockBugHoennGeneration 33220 CP222 ATK174 DEF181 STA
369RelicanthRelicanthWaterRockHoennGeneration 32858 CP162 ATK203 DEF225 STA
377RegirockRegirockRockHoennGeneration 33530 CP179 ATK309 DEF190 STA
408CranidosCranidosRockSinnohGeneration 42058 CP218 ATK71 DEF167 STA
409RampardosRampardosRockSinnohGeneration 43728 CP295 ATK109 DEF219 STA
410ShieldonShieldonRockSteelSinnohGeneration 41007 CP76 ATK195 DEF102 STA
411BastiodonBastiodonRockSteelSinnohGeneration 41741 CP94 ATK286 DEF155 STA
438BonslyBonslyRockSinnohGeneration 41472 CP124 ATK133 DEF137 STA
464RhyperiorRhyperiorGroundRockSinnohGeneration 44221 CP241 ATK190 DEF251 STA
476ProbopassProbopassRockSteelSinnohGeneration 42351 CP135 ATK275 DEF155 STA
493Arceus (Rock)Arceus (Rock)RockSinnohGeneration 44510 CP238 ATK238 DEF237 STA
524RoggenrolaRoggenrolaRockUnovaGeneration 51362 CP121 ATK110 DEF146 STA
525BoldoreBoldoreRockUnovaGeneration 52293 CP174 ATK143 DEF172 STA
526GigalithGigalithRockUnovaGeneration 53650 CP226 ATK201 DEF198 STA
557DwebbleDwebbleBugRockUnovaGeneration 51384 CP118 ATK128 DEF137 STA
558CrustleCrustleBugRockUnovaGeneration 52874 CP188 ATK200 DEF172 STA
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