Psychic-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Psychic-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Psychic-type Pokémon are weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost type moves. They take reduced damage from Fighting, and Psychic type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Psychic-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
26Alolan RaichuAlolan RaichuElectricPsychicKantoGeneration 12585 CP201 ATK154 DEF155 STA
63AbraAbraPsychicKantoGeneration 11517 CP195 ATK82 DEF93 STA
64KadabraKadabraPsychicKantoGeneration 12328 CP232 ATK117 DEF120 STA
65AlakazamAlakazamPsychicKantoGeneration 13456 CP271 ATK167 DEF146 STA
65Mega AlakazamMega Pokémon iconMega AlakazamPsychicKantoGeneration 15099 CP367 ATK207 DEF146 STA
77Galarian PonytaGalarian PonytaPsychicKantoGeneration 11919 CP170 ATK127 DEF137 STA
78Galarian RapidashGalarian RapidashPsychicFairyKantoGeneration 12782 CP207 ATK162 DEF163 STA
79SlowpokeSlowpokeWaterPsychicKantoGeneration 11386 CP109 ATK98 DEF207 STA
79Galarian SlowpokeGalarian SlowpokePsychicKantoGeneration 11386 CP109 ATK98 DEF207 STA
80SlowbroSlowbroWaterPsychicKantoGeneration 12877 CP177 ATK180 DEF216 STA
80Galarian SlowbroGalarian SlowbroPoisonPsychicKantoGeneration 12764 CP182 ATK156 DEF216 STA
80Mega SlowbroMega Pokémon iconMega SlowbroWaterPsychicKantoGeneration 14245 CP224 ATK259 DEF216 STA
96DrowzeeDrowzeePsychicKantoGeneration 11176 CP89 ATK136 DEF155 STA
97HypnoHypnoPsychicKantoGeneration 12363 CP144 ATK193 DEF198 STA
102ExeggcuteExeggcuteGrassPsychicKantoGeneration 11328 CP107 ATK125 DEF155 STA
103ExeggutorExeggutorGrassPsychicKantoGeneration 13408 CP233 ATK149 DEF216 STA
121StarmieStarmieWaterPsychicKantoGeneration 12922 CP210 ATK184 DEF155 STA
122Mr. MimeMr. MimePsychicFairyKantoGeneration 12518 CP192 ATK205 DEF120 STA
122Galarian Mr. MimeGalarian Mr. MimeIcePsychicKantoGeneration 12338 CP183 ATK169 DEF137 STA
124JynxJynxIcePsychicKantoGeneration 12888 CP223 ATK151 DEF163 STA
144Galarian ArticunoGalarian ArticunoPsychicFlyingKantoGeneration 14059 CP250 ATK197 DEF207 STA
150MewtwoMewtwoPsychicKantoGeneration 14724 CP300 ATK182 DEF214 STA
150Armored MewtwoArmored MewtwoPsychicKantoGeneration 13603 CP182 ATK278 DEF214 STA
150Mega X MewtwoMega Pokémon iconMega X MewtwoPsychicFightingKantoGeneration 17339 CP412 ATK222 DEF235 STA
150Mega Y MewtwoMega Pokémon iconMega Y MewtwoPsychicKantoGeneration 17690 CP426 ATK229 DEF235 STA
151MewMewPsychicKantoGeneration 13691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
177NatuNatuPsychicFlyingJohtoGeneration 21246 CP134 ATK89 DEF120 STA
178XatuXatuPsychicFlyingJohtoGeneration 22474 CP192 ATK146 DEF163 STA
196EspeonEspeonPsychicJohtoGeneration 23583 CP261 ATK175 DEF163 STA
199SlowkingSlowkingWaterPsychicJohtoGeneration 22877 CP177 ATK180 DEF216 STA
199Galarian SlowkingGalarian SlowkingPoisonPsychicJohtoGeneration 23072 CP190 ATK180 DEF216 STA
201UnownUnownPsychicJohtoGeneration 21339 CP136 ATK91 DEF134 STA
202WobbuffetWobbuffetPsychicJohtoGeneration 21160 CP60 ATK106 DEF382 STA
203GirafarigGirafarigNormalPsychicJohtoGeneration 22314 CP182 ATK133 DEF172 STA
238SmoochumSmoochumIcePsychicJohtoGeneration 21460 CP153 ATK91 DEF128 STA
249LugiaLugiaPsychicFlyingJohtoGeneration 24186 CP193 ATK310 DEF235 STA
251CelebiCelebiPsychicGrassJohtoGeneration 23691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
280RaltsRaltsPsychicFairyHoennGeneration 3609 CP79 ATK59 DEF99 STA
281KirliaKirliaPsychicFairyHoennGeneration 31093 CP117 ATK90 DEF116 STA
282GardevoirGardevoirPsychicFairyHoennGeneration 33497 CP237 ATK195 DEF169 STA
282Mega GardevoirMega Pokémon iconMega GardevoirPsychicFairyHoennGeneration 35101 CP326 ATK229 DEF169 STA
307MedititeMedititeFightingPsychicHoennGeneration 3784 CP78 ATK107 DEF102 STA
308MedichamMedichamFightingPsychicHoennGeneration 31618 CP121 ATK152 DEF155 STA
308Mega MedichamMega Pokémon iconMega MedichamFightingPsychicHoennGeneration 32821 CP205 ATK179 DEF155 STA
325SpoinkSpoinkPsychicHoennGeneration 31508 CP125 ATK122 DEF155 STA
326GrumpigGrumpigPsychicHoennGeneration 32679 CP171 ATK188 DEF190 STA
337LunatoneLunatoneRockPsychicHoennGeneration 32631 CP178 ATK153 DEF207 STA
338SolrockSolrockRockPsychicHoennGeneration 32631 CP178 ATK153 DEF207 STA
343BaltoyBaltoyGroundPsychicHoennGeneration 3889 CP77 ATK124 DEF120 STA
344ClaydolClaydolGroundPsychicHoennGeneration 32229 CP140 ATK229 DEF155 STA
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