Galar region Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Discover the complete list of all Galar region Pokémon from Generation 8 available in Pokémon GO. Get stats, strengths, weaknesses, moves, combat power, and evolution details to maximize your gameplay experience. Catch 'em all with our comprehensive guide!

Max CP
810Thumbnail image of GrookeyGrookeyGrass1227 CP122 ATK91 DEF137 STA
811Thumbnail image of ThwackeyThwackeyGrass2121 CP165 ATK134 DEF172 STA
812Thumbnail image of RillaboomRillaboomGrass3758 CP239 ATK168 DEF225 STA
813Thumbnail image of ScorbunnyScorbunnyFire1240 CP132 ATK79 DEF137 STA
814Thumbnail image of RabootRabootFire2062 CP170 ATK125 DEF163 STA
815Thumbnail image of CinderaceCinderaceFire3412 CP238 ATK163 DEF190 STA
816Thumbnail image of SobbleSobbleWater1240 CP132 ATK79 DEF137 STA
817Thumbnail image of DrizzileDrizzileWater2142 CP186 ATK113 DEF163 STA
818Thumbnail image of InteleonInteleonWater3351 CP262 ATK142 DEF172 STA
819Thumbnail image of SkwovetSkwovetNormal1067 CP95 ATK86 DEF172 STA
820Thumbnail image of GreedentGreedentNormal2679 CP160 ATK156 DEF260 STA
821Thumbnail image of RookideeRookideeFlying753 CP88 ATK67 DEF116 STA
822Thumbnail image of CorvisquireCorvisquireFlying1542 CP129 ATK110 DEF169 STA
823Thumbnail image of CorviknightCorviknightFlyingSteel2777 CP163 ATK192 DEF221 STA
824Thumbnail image of BlipbugBlipbugBug405 CP46 ATK67 DEF93 STA
825Thumbnail image of DottlerDottlerBugPsychic1164 CP87 ATK157 DEF137 STA
826Thumbnail image of OrbeetleOrbeetleBugPsychic2513 CP156 ATK240 DEF155 STA
827Thumbnail image of NickitNickitDark808 CP85 ATK82 DEF120 STA
828Thumbnail image of ThievulThievulDark2415 CP172 ATK164 DEF172 STA
829Thumbnail image of GossifleurGossifleurGrass760 CP70 ATK104 DEF120 STA
830Thumbnail image of EldegossEldegossGrass2255 CP148 ATK211 DEF155 STA
831Thumbnail image of WoolooWoolooNormal798 CP76 ATK97 DEF123 STA
832Thumbnail image of DubwoolDubwoolNormal2478 CP159 ATK198 DEF176 STA
833Thumbnail image of ChewtleChewtleWater1123 CP114 ATK85 DEF137 STA
834Thumbnail image of DrednawDrednawWaterRock3209 CP213 ATK164 DEF207 STA
835Thumbnail image of YamperYamperElectric890 CP80 ATK90 DEF153 STA
836Thumbnail image of BoltundBoltundElectric2460 CP197 ATK131 DEF170 STA
837Thumbnail image of RolycolyRolycolyRock691 CP73 ATK91 DEF102 STA
838Thumbnail image of CarkolCarkolRockFire1710 CP114 ATK157 DEF190 STA
839Thumbnail image of CoalossalCoalossalRockFire2659 CP146 ATK198 DEF242 STA
840Thumbnail image of ApplinApplinGrassDragon807 CP71 ATK116 DEF120 STA
841Thumbnail image of FlappleFlappleGrassDragon2788 CP214 ATK144 DEF172 STA
842Thumbnail image of AppletunAppletunGrassDragon2772 CP178 ATK146 DEF242 STA
843Thumbnail image of SilicobraSilicobraGround1222 CP103 ATK123 DEF141 STA
844Thumbnail image of SandacondaSandacondaGround3155 CP202 ATK207 DEF176 STA
845Thumbnail image of CramorantCramorantFlyingWater2421 CP173 ATK163 DEF172 STA
846Thumbnail image of ArrokudaArrokudaWater1021 CP118 ATK72 DEF121 STA
847Thumbnail image of BarraskewdaBarraskewdaWater3003 CP258 ATK127 DEF156 STA
848Thumbnail image of ToxelToxelElectricPoison821 CP97 ATK65 DEF120 STA
849Thumbnail image of ToxtricityToxtricityElectricPoison2941 CP224 ATK140 DEF181 STA
849Thumbnail image of Toxtricity (Amped Form)Toxtricity (Amped Form)ElectricPoison2941 CP224 ATK140 DEF181 STA
849Thumbnail image of Toxtricity (Low Key Form)Toxtricity (Low Key Form)ElectricPoison2941 CP224 ATK140 DEF181 STA
850Thumbnail image of SizzlipedeSizzlipedeFireBug1186 CP118 ATK90 DEF137 STA
851Thumbnail image of CentiskorchCentiskorchFireBug3381 CP220 ATK158 DEF225 STA
852Thumbnail image of ClobbopusClobbopusFighting1286 CP121 ATK103 DEF137 STA
853Thumbnail image of GrapploctGrapploctFighting3012 CP209 ATK162 DEF190 STA
854Thumbnail image of SinisteaSinisteaGhost1287 CP134 ATK96 DEF120 STA
854Thumbnail image of Sinistea (Antique)Sinistea (Antique)Ghost1287 CP134 ATK96 DEF120 STA
854Thumbnail image of Sinistea (Phony)Sinistea (Phony)Ghost1287 CP134 ATK96 DEF120 STA
855Thumbnail image of PolteageistPolteageistGhost3458 CP248 ATK189 DEF155 STA
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