5 km Buddy Pokémon List

A list of all Pokémon that require 5 km walked as a Buddy Pokémon to earn a Candy. One kilometer is equivalent to 0.6214 miles.

Max CP
95OnixOnixRockGround1245 CP85 ATK232 DEF111 STA
106HitmonleeHitmonleeFighting2912 CP224 ATK181 DEF137 STA
107HitmonchanHitmonchanFighting2636 CP193 ATK197 DEF137 STA
113ChanseyChanseyNormal1418 CP60 ATK128 DEF487 STA
122Mr. MimeMr. MimePsychicFairy2518 CP192 ATK205 DEF120 STA
122Galarian Mr. MimeGalarian Mr. MimeIcePsychic2338 CP183 ATK169 DEF137 STA
123ScytherScytherBugFlying3060 CP218 ATK170 DEF172 STA
124JynxJynxIcePsychic2888 CP223 ATK151 DEF163 STA
125ElectabuzzElectabuzzElectric2639 CP198 ATK158 DEF163 STA
126MagmarMagmarFire2706 CP206 ATK154 DEF163 STA
127PinsirPinsirBug3345 CP238 ATK182 DEF163 STA
127Mega PinsirMega Pokémon iconMega PinsirBugFlying4728 CP305 ATK231 DEF163 STA
131LaprasLaprasWaterIce2985 CP165 ATK174 DEF277 STA
133EeveeEeveeNormal1210 CP104 ATK114 DEF146 STA
134VaporeonVaporeonWater3521 CP205 ATK161 DEF277 STA
135JolteonJolteonElectric3265 CP232 ATK182 DEF163 STA
136FlareonFlareonFire3424 CP246 ATK179 DEF163 STA
138OmanyteOmanyteRockWater1746 CP155 ATK153 DEF111 STA
139OmastarOmastarRockWater3150 CP207 ATK201 DEF172 STA
140KabutoKabutoRockWater1549 CP148 ATK140 DEF102 STA
141KabutopsKabutopsRockWater3067 CP220 ATK186 DEF155 STA
142AerodactylAerodactylRockFlying3147 CP221 ATK159 DEF190 STA
142Mega AerodactylMega Pokémon iconMega AerodactylRockFlying4655 CP292 ATK210 DEF190 STA
143SnorlaxSnorlaxNormal3647 CP190 ATK169 DEF330 STA
147DratiniDratiniDragon1136 CP119 ATK91 DEF121 STA
148DragonairDragonairDragon2012 CP163 ATK135 DEF156 STA
149DragoniteDragoniteDragonFlying4287 CP263 ATK198 DEF209 STA
179MareepMareepElectric1120 CP114 ATK79 DEF146 STA
180FlaaffyFlaaffyElectric1720 CP145 ATK109 DEF172 STA
181AmpharosAmpharosElectric3225 CP211 ATK169 DEF207 STA
181Mega AmpharosMega Pokémon iconMega AmpharosElectricDragon4799 CP294 ATK203 DEF207 STA
185SudowoodoSudowoodoRock2428 CP167 ATK176 DEF172 STA
196EspeonEspeonPsychic3583 CP261 ATK175 DEF163 STA
197UmbreonUmbreonDark2416 CP126 ATK240 DEF216 STA
201UnownUnownPsychic1339 CP136 ATK91 DEF134 STA
204PinecoPinecoBug1253 CP108 ATK122 DEF137 STA
205ForretressForretressBugSteel2580 CP161 ATK205 DEF181 STA
207GligarGligarGroundFlying2099 CP143 ATK184 DEF163 STA
208SteelixSteelixSteelGround2729 CP148 ATK272 DEF181 STA
208Mega SteelixMega Pokémon iconMega SteelixSteelGround4149 CP212 ATK327 DEF181 STA
212ScizorScizorBugSteel3393 CP236 ATK181 DEF172 STA
212Mega ScizorMega Pokémon iconMega ScizorBugSteel4621 CP279 ATK250 DEF172 STA
225DelibirdDelibirdIceFlying1237 CP128 ATK90 DEF128 STA
226MantineMantineWaterFlying2383 CP148 ATK226 DEF163 STA
227SkarmorySkarmorySteelFlying2383 CP148 ATK226 DEF163 STA
236TyrogueTyrogueFighting556 CP64 ATK64 DEF111 STA
237HitmontopHitmontopFighting2438 CP173 ATK207 DEF137 STA
238SmoochumSmoochumIcePsychic1460 CP153 ATK91 DEF128 STA
239ElekidElekidElectric1364 CP135 ATK101 DEF128 STA
240MagbyMagbyFire1496 CP151 ATK99 DEF128 STA
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