Grass-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO


Explore our extensive list of all Grass-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Uncover their unique abilities, stats, and movesets to build a powerful team. Grass-type Pokémon are weak to Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison type moves. They take reduced damage from Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water type moves. Master the world of Pokémon with this comprehensive Grass-type guide and enhance your gameplay today!

Max CP
1BulbasaurBulbasaurGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11260 CP118 ATK111 DEF128 STA
2IvysaurIvysaurGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11921 CP151 ATK143 DEF155 STA
3VenusaurVenusaurGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 13075 CP198 ATK189 DEF190 STA
3Mega VenusaurMega Pokémon iconMega VenusaurGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 14181 CP241 ATK246 DEF190 STA
43OddishOddishGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11389 CP131 ATK112 DEF128 STA
44GloomGloomGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11900 CP153 ATK136 DEF155 STA
45VileplumeVileplumeGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 12893 CP202 ATK167 DEF181 STA
46ParasParasBugGrassKantoGeneration 11150 CP121 ATK99 DEF111 STA
47ParasectParasectBugGrassKantoGeneration 12102 CP165 ATK146 DEF155 STA
69BellsproutBellsproutGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11168 CP139 ATK61 DEF137 STA
70WeepinbellWeepinbellGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 11822 CP172 ATK92 DEF163 STA
71VictreebelVictreebelGrassPoisonKantoGeneration 12748 CP207 ATK135 DEF190 STA
100Hisuian VoltorbHisuian VoltorbElectricGrassKantoGeneration 11141 CP109 ATK111 DEF120 STA
101Hisuian ElectrodeHisuian ElectrodeElectricGrassKantoGeneration 12430 CP176 ATK176 DEF155 STA
102ExeggcuteExeggcuteGrassPsychicKantoGeneration 11328 CP107 ATK125 DEF155 STA
103ExeggutorExeggutorGrassPsychicKantoGeneration 13408 CP233 ATK149 DEF216 STA
103Alolan ExeggutorAlolan ExeggutorGrassDragonKantoGeneration 13407 CP230 ATK153 DEF216 STA
114TangelaTangelaGrassKantoGeneration 12530 CP183 ATK169 DEF163 STA
152ChikoritaChikoritaGrassJohtoGeneration 21057 CP92 ATK122 DEF128 STA
153BayleefBayleefGrassJohtoGeneration 21644 CP122 ATK155 DEF155 STA
154MeganiumMeganiumGrassJohtoGeneration 22725 CP168 ATK202 DEF190 STA
182BellossomBellossomGrassJohtoGeneration 22578 CP169 ATK186 DEF181 STA
187HoppipHoppipGrassFlyingJohtoGeneration 2678 CP67 ATK94 DEF111 STA
188SkiploomSkiploomGrassFlyingJohtoGeneration 21103 CP91 ATK120 DEF146 STA
189JumpluffJumpluffGrassFlyingJohtoGeneration 21850 CP118 ATK183 DEF181 STA
191SunkernSunkernGrassJohtoGeneration 2447 CP55 ATK55 DEF102 STA
192SunfloraSunfloraGrassJohtoGeneration 22421 CP185 ATK135 DEF181 STA
251CelebiCelebiPsychicGrassJohtoGeneration 23691 CP210 ATK210 DEF225 STA
252TreeckoTreeckoGrassHoennGeneration 31190 CP124 ATK94 DEF120 STA
253GrovyleGrovyleGrassHoennGeneration 31891 CP172 ATK120 DEF137 STA
254SceptileSceptileGrassHoennGeneration 33117 CP223 ATK169 DEF172 STA
254Mega SceptileMega Pokémon iconMega SceptileGrassDragonHoennGeneration 34585 CP320 ATK186 DEF172 STA
270LotadLotadWaterGrassHoennGeneration 3676 CP71 ATK77 DEF120 STA
271LombreLombreWaterGrassHoennGeneration 31353 CP112 ATK119 DEF155 STA
272LudicoloLudicoloWaterGrassHoennGeneration 32626 CP173 ATK176 DEF190 STA
273SeedotSeedotGrassHoennGeneration 3676 CP71 ATK77 DEF120 STA
274NuzleafNuzleafGrassDarkHoennGeneration 31387 CP134 ATK78 DEF172 STA
275ShiftryShiftryGrassDarkHoennGeneration 32637 CP200 ATK121 DEF207 STA
285ShroomishShroomishGrassHoennGeneration 3916 CP74 ATK110 DEF155 STA
286BreloomBreloomGrassFightingHoennGeneration 32971 CP241 ATK144 DEF155 STA
315RoseliaRoseliaGrassPoisonHoennGeneration 32114 CP186 ATK131 DEF137 STA
331CacneaCacneaGrassHoennGeneration 31404 CP156 ATK74 DEF137 STA
332CacturneCacturneGrassDarkHoennGeneration 32598 CP221 ATK115 DEF172 STA
345LileepLileepRockGrassHoennGeneration 31460 CP105 ATK150 DEF165 STA
346CradilyCradilyRockGrassHoennGeneration 32499 CP152 ATK194 DEF200 STA
357TropiusTropiusGrassFlyingHoennGeneration 32194 CP136 ATK163 DEF223 STA
387TurtwigTurtwigGrassSinnohGeneration 41342 CP119 ATK110 DEF146 STA
388GrotleGrotleGrassSinnohGeneration 42137 CP157 ATK143 DEF181 STA
389TorterraTorterraGrassGroundSinnohGeneration 43318 CP202 ATK188 DEF216 STA
406BudewBudewGrassPoisonSinnohGeneration 4968 CP91 ATK109 DEF120 STA
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