Primal Groudon Counters in Pokémon GO

Raid Battles

This guide displays a list of best Primal Groudon counters in Pokémon GO with their Fast Attacks, Charged Attacks, DPS (damage per second), TDO (total damage output), faints, TTW (time to win), and score. The list is sorted by the score, which is calculated based on the DPS and TDO. Each Pokemon's move type is indicated by an icon beside the move name.

Best Primal Groudon Pokémon GO counters are Primal Kyogre, Mega Swampert, Mega Blastoise, Shadow Kyogre, Mega Gyarados, Shadow Gyarados, and Kyogre. These Pokémon perform best with the moves outlined below. We suggest a minimum group size of 5 - 13 Trainers to defeat Primal Groudon in a Primal Raid.

CogSimulation settings

          Best counter 👑

          Official artwork of Primal KyogrePrimal Kyogre
          Waterfall / Origin Pulse
          Mega Pokemon BackgroundOfficial artwork of Mega SwampertMega Swampert
          Water Gun / Hydro Cannon
          Mega Pokemon BackgroundOfficial artwork of Mega BlastoiseMega Blastoise
          Water Gun / Hydro Cannon
          Shadow Pokemon BackgroundOfficial artwork of Shadow KyogreShadow Kyogre
          Waterfall / Surf
          Mega Pokemon BackgroundOfficial artwork of Mega GyaradosMega Gyarados
          Waterfall / Aqua Tail
          Shadow Pokemon BackgroundOfficial artwork of Shadow GyaradosShadow Gyarados
          Waterfall / Aqua Tail
          Official artwork of KyogreKyogre
          Waterfall / Origin Pulse
          Fast Attack
          Charged Attack
          1.Thumbnail image of Primal KyogrePrimal KyogreWaterWaterfall WaterOrigin Pulse *38.49595.737736s66.9
          2.Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega SwampertMega Pokémon iconMega SwampertWaterWater Gun WaterHydro Cannon *39.12450.849775s64.0
          3.Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega BlastoiseMega Pokémon iconMega BlastoiseWaterWater Gun WaterHydro Cannon *34.74418.553863s55.2
          4.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow KyogreShadow KyogreWaterWaterfall WaterSurf 36.55385.458850s53.8
          5.Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega GyaradosMega Pokémon iconMega GyaradosWaterWaterfall WaterAqua Tail *29.70422.953971s49.1
          6.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow GyaradosShadow GyaradosWaterWaterfall WaterAqua Tail *29.17426.152983s48.7
          7.Thumbnail image of KyogreKyogreWaterWaterfall WaterOrigin Pulse *30.05378.759987s45.4
          8.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow SwampertShadow SwampertWaterWater Gun WaterHydro Cannon *38.74305.473876s44.8
          9.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow FeraligatrShadow FeraligatrWaterWater Gun *WaterHydro Cannon *35.80306.473923s42.2
          10.Thumbnail image of GyaradosGyaradosWaterWaterfall WaterHydro Pump 23.94417.2531156s40.9
          11.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow EmpoleonShadow EmpoleonWaterWaterfall WaterHydro Cannon *37.95254.688947s39.0
          12.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow KinglerShadow KinglerWaterBubble WaterCrabhammer 37.99237.494972s38.4
          13.Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega SlowbroMega Pokémon iconMega SlowbroWaterWater Gun WaterSurf *24.79368.7611152s38.0
          14.Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega RayquazaMega Pokémon iconMega RayquazaDragonDragon Tail FlyingDragon Ascent 20.40438.7511308s37.4
          15.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow CrawdauntShadow CrawdauntWaterWaterfall WaterCrabhammer 37.57205.11091038s37.0
          16.Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega SalamenceMega Pokémon iconMega SalamenceDragonDragon Tail WaterHydro Pump 19.33465.8481358s36.8
          17.Thumbnail image of SwampertSwampertWaterWater Gun WaterHydro Cannon *30.99292.4761034s35.6
          18.Thumbnail image of FeraligatrFeraligatrWaterWater Gun *WaterHydro Cannon *28.92295.9761083s34.2
          19.Thumbnail image of GreninjaGreninjaWaterWater Shuriken WaterHydro Cannon *32.36245.2911063s34.0
          20.Thumbnail image of SamurottSamurottWaterWaterfall WaterHydro Cannon *30.27285.5781059s33.9
          21.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow WailordShadow WailordWaterWater Gun WaterSurf 32.27237.9941076s33.8
          22.Thumbnail image of Primal GroudonPrimal GroudonGroundMud Shot GroundPrecipice Blades *24.78324.5691186s33.6
          23.Mega Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Mega GarchompMega Pokémon iconMega GarchompGroundMud Shot GroundEarth Power *23.09338.6661241s33.1
          24.Thumbnail image of KinglerKinglerWaterBubble WaterCrabhammer 30.85230.6971120s32.4
          25.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow BlastoiseShadow BlastoiseWaterWater Gun WaterHydro Cannon *29.72264.7851098s32.3
          26.Thumbnail image of EmpoleonEmpoleonWaterWaterfall WaterHydro Cannon *30.25242.9921115s32.2
          27.Thumbnail image of ClawitzerClawitzerWaterWater Gun WaterCrabhammer 29.77248.1901119s31.9
          28.Thumbnail image of GolisopodGolisopodWaterWaterfall WaterRazor Shell 23.98315.0711224s31.7
          29.Shadow Pokemon BackgroundThumbnail image of Shadow RhyperiorShadow RhyperiorGroundMud-Slap WaterSurf 29.57224.51001162s31.1
          30.Thumbnail image of CrawdauntCrawdauntWaterWaterfall WaterCrabhammer 30.11196.71141205s30.7
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          Group size

          You need at least 5 Trainers to defeat a Primal Groudon in a Primal Raid.

          • 1
          • 2
          • 3
          • 4
          • 5
          • 6
          • 7
          • 8
          • 9
          • 10
          • 11
          • 12
          • 13
          • 14
          • 15
          • 16
          • 17
          • 18
          • 19
          • 20
          • Minimum group size: 5 Trainers
          • Optimal group size: 8 - 13 Trainers
          • Very easy with: 14+ Trainers
          • Probably impossible with less than 5 Trainers

          Primal Groudon CP range from Raids

          Primal Groudon can be caught with the following Combat Power after being defeated in Raids:

          • From 3261 CP to 3372 CP, with no weather boost
          • From 4077 CP to 4215 CP with Sunny weather boost

          Primal Groudon weaknesses

          Primal Groudon type chart

          When fighting Primal Groudon, keep in mind the that Ground and Fire-type Pokémon are weak to Water and Ground type moves. They take reduced damage from Bug, Fairy, Fire, Poison, Steel, and Electric type moves.

          Takes increased damage
          Takes decreased damage

          Type chart shows the percentage (%) of damage taken from an incoming attack of a particular type.

          Best move-types and weather for Primal Groudon Raids

          Move-typeUsage (%)Weather
          • rainRain
          • sunnySunny
          • windyWindy
          • windyWindy
          • rainRain
          • cloudyCloudy
          • snowSnow
          • windyWindy
          • fogFog
          • rainRain
          • partlyCloudyPartly Cloudy
          • fogFog

          About our ranking methodology

          Our guide provides detailed information on recommended Pokémon and moves that are most effective against Primal Groudon in Raid Battles. Whether you're looking for the best counters to take Primal Groudon down quickly with high DPS, or the tankiest counters that can withstand its attacks, our guide has something for every trainer.

          When calculating the best counters for any Pokémon, our simulator takes into account various factors, such as the defender's typing and average DPS against each attacker, the weather's influence, energy left over from using charge attacks, Shadow Pokémon attack and defense stat changes, and more. During the initial phase of simulations, we calculate DPS and TDO for each attacker that is currently available in the game, and then we continue to rank them.

          We use a ranking method developed by a Reddit user named /u/Elastic_Space, which is described in detail in this Reddit post. It is a fairly complicated, but very well thought-out mathematical model for predicting simulation results without actually running the simulations. It also correlates with field data almost too well not to be used. Reddit

          Our Time to Win (TTW) and Faint numbers are also estimated, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Since we do not account for factors like Friendship and Mega damage boost, they will differ from actual experience in the field.