Best Scraggy counters in Pokémon GO

Raid Battles

This table displays a list of best Scraggy counters in Pokémon GO with their Fast Attacks, Charged Attacks, DPS (damage per second), TDO (total damage output), faints, TTW (time to win), and score. The list is sorted by the score, which is calculated based on the DPS and TDO.

CogSimulation settings

          Best performing move types

          • Fairy35.5%
          • Fighting29.0%
          • Flying21.0%
          • Electric3.5%
          • Normal2.5%
          • Grass2.0%
          • Ghost2.0%
          • Fire1.0%
          • Ground1.0%
          • Water1.0%
          • Dragon0.5%
          • Steel0.5%
          • Bug0.5%
          Fast Attack
          Charged Attack
          1Mega GardevoirMega Pokémon iconMega GardevoirFairyCharm FairyDazzling Gleam 73.744206.63052.2s167.2
          2Mega RayquazaMega Pokémon iconMega RayquazaFlyingAir Slash FlyingDragon Ascent 65.214262.18058.6s152.0
          3Shadow GardevoirShadow Pokémon iconShadow GardevoirFairyCharm FairyDazzling Gleam 66.062805.05159.6s141.0
          4XerneasXerneasFairyGeomancy *FairyMoonblast 56.284216.51067.4s134.9
          5Shadow GranbullShadow Pokémon iconShadow GranbullFairyCharm FairyPlay Rough 60.902476.31164.9s128.8
          6TogekissTogekissFairyCharm FairyDazzling Gleam 51.924145.20072.8s126.1
          7Mega AlakazamMega Pokémon iconMega AlakazamFightingCounter *FairyDazzling Gleam *61.902025.17165.3s125.3
          8GardevoirGardevoirFairyCharm FairyDazzling Gleam 54.842741.68170.9s121.0
          9XurkitreeXurkitreeElectricThunder Shock FairyDazzling Gleam 56.691989.67170.7s116.4
          10PrimarinaPrimarinaFairyCharm FairyMoonblast 50.043073.37176.6s115.2
          11Zacian (Hero)Zacian (Hero)NormalQuick Attack FairyPlay Rough 48.203488.25178.8s114.8
          12SylveonSylveonFairyCharm FairyDazzling Gleam 47.513423.92180.0s113.0
          13RayquazaRayquazaFlyingAir Slash FlyingDragon Ascent 50.302598.68177.1s111.8
          14GranbullGranbullFairyCharm FairyPlay Rough 50.442424.50177.3s110.4
          15Tapu KokoTapu KokoElectricVolt Switch FairyDazzling Gleam 48.702567.52179.5s108.6
          16Shadow DonphanShadow Pokémon iconShadow DonphanFairyCharm FairyPlay Rough 51.342039.83177.2s108.1
          17Shadow AlakazamShadow Pokémon iconShadow AlakazamFightingCounter *FairyDazzling Gleam *56.941307.70274.2s107.2
          18FlorgesFlorgesFairyFairy Wind FairyMoonblast 45.003247.73184.4s107.1
          19Tapu BuluTapu BuluGrassBullet Seed FairyDazzling Gleam 47.312646.88181.5s106.8
          20Mega BlazikenMega Pokémon iconMega BlazikenFightingCounter FlyingBrave Bird 48.552281.61180.5s105.8
          21Galarian RapidashGalarian RapidashFairyFairy Wind FairyPlay Rough 49.462052.82179.8s105.1
          22Mega DiancieMega Pokémon iconMega DiancieNormalTackle FairyMoonblast 47.912203.59181.7s103.9
          23Ninetales (Alola Shadow)Shadow Pokémon iconNinetales (Alola Shadow)FairyCharm FairyDazzling Gleam 48.881956.24181.0s103.1
          24Mega BanetteMega Pokémon iconMega BanetteGhostHex FairyDazzling Gleam 50.181621.20280.6s101.3
          25Shadow MoltresShadow Pokémon iconShadow MoltresFlyingWing Attack FlyingSky Attack *46.882105.58183.6s101.2
          26Shadow UrsaringShadow Pokémon iconShadow UrsaringFightingCounter FairyPlay Rough 52.031304.10280.2s99.7
          27Mega AltariaMega Pokémon iconMega AltariaFlyingPeck FairyDazzling Gleam 42.252715.31190.5s98.2
          28Shadow GalladeShadow Pokémon iconShadow GalladeFairyCharm FightingClose Combat 46.441841.02185.3s97.7
          29ClefableClefableFairyFairy Wind FairyDazzling Gleam 42.722541.57189.9s97.7
          30TerrakionTerrakionFightingDouble Kick FightingSacred Sword *45.122054.38186.8s97.7
          31Galarian WeezingGalarian WeezingFairyFairy Wind FairyPlay Rough 41.702743.57191.6s97.4
          32YveltalYveltalFlyingGust FlyingOblivion Wing *41.572694.28191.9s96.8
          33Galarian ZapdosGalarian ZapdosFightingCounter FlyingBrave Bird 40.962805.35193.0s96.4
          34BearticBearticFairyCharm FairyPlay Rough 47.111529.87285.8s95.2
          35Shadow MachampShadow Pokémon iconShadow MachampFightingCounter FightingDynamic Punch 44.801842.87188.2s95.0
          36Keldeo (Ordinary)Keldeo (Ordinary)FightingLow Kick FightingSacred Sword 41.582385.18192.6s94.4
          37Meloetta (Aria)Meloetta (Aria)NormalQuick Attack FairyDazzling Gleam 43.332003.26190.3s94.1
          38Mega PidgeotMega Pokémon iconMega PidgeotFlyingGust *FlyingBrave Bird 43.981819.92189.8s93.4
          39MeowscaradaMeowscaradaFairyCharm FairyPlay Rough 46.531456.78287.3s93.3
          40DonphanDonphanFairyCharm FairyPlay Rough 42.541998.19191.8s92.7
          41AlakazamAlakazamFightingCounter *FairyDazzling Gleam *47.031280.84287.8s91.7
          42Shadow Sirfetch'dShadow Pokémon iconShadow Sirfetch'dFightingCounter FlyingBrave Bird 44.371549.43290.4s91.0
          43Shadow HonchkrowShadow Pokémon iconShadow HonchkrowFlyingPeck FlyingSky Attack 45.311401.13289.7s90.6
          44Mega LatiasMega Pokémon iconMega LatiasFairyCharm ElectricThunder 40.012264.70196.3s90.6
          45Shadow HariyamaShadow Pokémon iconShadow HariyamaFightingCounter FightingDynamic Punch 41.391838.98194.8s89.2
          46Shadow BlazikenShadow Pokémon iconShadow BlazikenFightingCounter FlyingBrave Bird 43.531494.46292.3s89.0
          47Shadow StaraptorShadow Pokémon iconShadow StaraptorFlyingGust *FlyingBrave Bird 44.871314.88291.2s88.8
          48Alolan NinetalesAlolan NinetalesFairyCharm FairyDazzling Gleam 40.561915.14196.3s88.5
          49Shadow ZapdosShadow Pokémon iconShadow ZapdosElectricThunder Shock *FlyingDrill Peck 40.791865.96196.0s88.4
          50GholdengoGholdengoGhostHex FairyDazzling Gleam 41.281767.88295.4s88.3
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          Scraggy type chart

          When fighting Scraggy, keep in mind the following that Dark and Fighting-type Pokémon are weak to Fairy, Fighting, and Flying type moves. They take reduced damage from Ghost, Psychic, Rock, and Dark type moves.


          Type chart shows the percentage (%) of damage taken from an incoming attack of a particular type.

          About the results

          Our guide provides detailed information on recommended Pokémon and moves that are most effective against Scraggy in Raid Battles. Whether you're looking for the best counters to take Scraggy down quickly with high DPS, or the tankiest counters that can withstand its attacks, our guide has something for every trainer.

          The top-ranked Scraggy counter is Mega Gardevoir, followed by Mega Rayquaza, Shadow Gardevoir, and Xerneas. The table also includes Shadow Granbull, Togekiss, Mega Alakazam, and Gardevoir, among others. Each Pokemon's move type is indicated by an icon beside the move name.

          The most effective move-types to use against Scraggy are:

          TypingUsage %

          About our ranking methodology

          When calculating the best counters for any Pokémon, our simulator takes into account various factors, such as the defender's typing and average DPS against each attacker, the weather's influence, energy left over from using charge moves, Shadow Pokémon attack and defense stat changes, and more. During the initial phase of simulations, we calculate DPS and TDO for each attacker that is currently available in the game, and then we continue to rank them.

          We use a ranking method developed by a Reddit user named /u/Elastic_Space, which is described in detail in this Reddit post. It is a fairly complicated, but very well thought-out mathematical model for predicting simulation results without actually running the simulations. It also correlates with field data almost too well not to be used.

          Our Time to Win (TTW) and Faint numbers are also estimated, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Since we do not account for factors like Friendship and Mega damage boost, they will differ from actual experience in the field.