Quaxly is a Water-type Pokémon, and it is weak to Electric, and Grass-type moves. Quaxly has a Max CP of 1215 in Pokémon GO, it is weather boosted by Rainy weather, and it was originally found in the Paldea region. Shiny Quaxly can not be found in Pokémon GO.

StatsQuaxly stats
Max CP1215 CP
Attack120 ATK
Defense86 DEF
Stamina146 STA
Pokedex informationPokédex information
Weather Boosted
  • rainRainy
Height0.5 m
Weight6.1 kg
RegionPaldea (Gen 9)
Transfer to Pokémon HomeAllowed
InfoBuddy and Mega information
Buddy distance3 km
Capture statsCapture stats
Base Catch Rate20.0%
Base Flee Rate0.0%
Catch rewards
3 Candy
100 Stardust
Second moveSecond move unlock
Charge Move unlock cost
25 Candy
10000 Stardust

Quaxly type chart


Type chart shows the percentage (%) of damage taken from an incoming attack of a particular type.

Quaxly moves and movesets


List of best Quaxly moves and movesets in Pokémon GO. Quaxly's best moveset is Water Gun and Liquidation.

Fast Attack
Charged Attack
Score 🔽
WaterWater Gun WaterLiquidation 8.3093.6115.2
FlyingWing Attack WaterLiquidation 7.8788.7614.4
WaterWater Gun FlyingAerial Ace 7.1180.2213.0
WaterWater Gun WaterAqua Jet 6.7275.8012.3
FlyingWing Attack FlyingAerial Ace 6.5674.0412.0
FlyingWing Attack WaterAqua Jet 6.1969.9111.4

      Fast Moves

      Charged Moves

      More info

      Legacy Elite Fast and Charge Moves can only be obtained during special events, or by using an Elite Fast TM or an Elite Charge TM. Legacy moves are marked with an asterisk (*). The table above provides information on different moves Quaxly has in Pokémon GO, along with their corresponding DPS (Damage per Second) and TDO (Total Damage Output).

      Quaxly Combat Power chart

      CP Chart

      A guide to Quaxly Combat Power values in Pokémon GO. Includes a complete Quaxly Max CP per level chart.

      Useful Combat Power values

      Max CPMax CP1215 CP
      Level 50,
      15/15/15 IVs
      Field ResearchResearch425 CP - 460 CP
      Level 15,
      10/10/10 minimum IVs
      Pokémon EggEggs567 CP - 614 CP
      Level 20,
      10/10/10 minimum IVs
      Raid catchRaids567 CP - 614 CP
      Level 20,
      10/10/10 minimum IVs
      Raid catchRaidsWeather boost
      • rainRainy
      709 CP - 768 CP
      Weather boosted, Level 25,
      10/10/10 minimum IVs

      Max Combat Power per Level chart

      This table shows maximum Combat Power values that Quaxly can have from Level 1 to Level 50.

      115 CP247 CP380 CP
      4112 CP5145 CP6177 CP
      7209 CP8242 CP9274 CP
      10307 CP11338 CP12368 CP
      13399 CP14430 CP15460 CP
      16491 CP17522 CP18552 CP
      19583 CP20614 CP21645 CP
      22675 CP23706 CP24737 CP
      25768 CP26798 CP27829 CP
      28860 CP29890 CP30921 CP
      31937 CP32952 CP33967 CP
      34983 CP35998 CP361013 CP
      371029 CP381044 CP391059 CP
      401075 CP411088 CP421102 CP
      431116 CP441130 CP451144 CP
      461158 CP471172 CP481186 CP
      491201 CP501215 CP
      InfoMore information
      • Field and Special Research encounters are always Level 15. IVs range from 10 (min) to 15 (max). Field Research encounters have a 10/10/10 IV floor.
      • Pokémon hatched from Eggs are always Level 20. IVs range from 10 (min) to 15 (max). Egg Hatches have a 10/10/10 IV floor.
      • Raid Bosses caught without weather boost are always Level 20. IVs range from 10 (min) to 15 (max). Raid Catches have a 10/10/10 IV floor.
      • Raid Bosses caught with weather boost are always Level 25. IVs range from 10 (min) to 15 (max). Weather boosted Raid Catches have a 10/10/10 IV floor.
      • Pokémon encountered in Wild encounters range from Level 1 to Level 30 Pokémon. Their IVs range from 0 (min) to 15 (max) for each stat.
      • Weather Boosted wild Pokémon encounters get a 5 Level boost, bringing their Level range to Level 6 to Level 35. In addition, they have a guaraneed minimum IV value of 4 for each stat, resulting in a 4/4/4 IV floor.

      Quaxly evolution chart


      Quaxly can be evolved using the following methods:

      • Candy25
      • Candy100

      Boosted by

      A list of Mega Pokémon that boost Candy and XL Candy from catching Quaxly.

      Mega SharpedoMega Pokémon iconMega Sharpedo
      Mega BlastoiseMega Pokémon iconMega Blastoise
      Mega SlowbroMega Pokémon iconMega Slowbro
      Mega GyaradosMega Pokémon iconMega Gyarados
      Mega SwampertMega Pokémon iconMega Swampert
      Primal KyogrePrimal Kyogre

      Quaxly family

      A list of Pokémon that are somehow related to Quaxly. Includes evolutions, regional, and form variations.


      Paldea PokédexPaldea Pokédex This Pokémon migrated to Paldea from distant lands long ago. The gel secreted by its feathers repels water and grime.

      Quaxly Catch Rates

      Catch Rates

      Catch Rates for Quaxly in Pokémon GO, calculated for catching a Level 20 Quaxly by default. Catching lower level Quaxly is easier than catching higher level ones - try playing around with the controls above to see how it changes.

      Catch rates

              No Berry
              Razz BerryRazz Berry
              Silver Pinap BerrySilver Pinap Berry
              - 39.02%43.38%52.38%59.95%
              Golden Razz BerryGolden Razz Berry
              - 49.69%54.62%64.32%71.94%
              InfoMore information

              Catch probability with multiple throws

              In order to help Trainers understand their overall odds when catching Quaxly, we enable the functionality to showing the total chance to catch it depending on the number of available throws. We calculate this chance as if you repeated the same throw N-number of times.

              To activate this functionality, change the number of Number of throws to a value greater than 1. The Number of throws option is available in the configuration options above the chart

              Catch rate formula

              Pokémon GO catch rate formula can be expressed as follows:

              • CATCH_MULTIPLIERS = ball * curve * berry * throwType * (type1Medal + type2Medal / 2)
              • CATCH_RATE = 1 - Math.pow(1 - baseCatchRate / (2 * cpm), CATCH_MULTIPLIERS)

              There are different multipliers that come into play when calculating catch rate.

              Curved throws are more effective than regular throws, stronger types of Poké Ball have a higher catch rate, and using a Razz Berry or a Golden Razz Berry also improves your chances.

              Catch rate multipliers

              The following table shows all the different catch rate multipliers in Pokémon GO:

              Razz Berry1.5
              Silver Pinap Berry1.8
              Golden Razz Berry2.5
              Nice Throw1.15
              Great Throw1.5
              Excellent Throw1.85
              Premier Ball1.0
              Great Ball1.5
              Ultra Ball2.0
              Bronze medal1.1
              Silver medal1.2
              Gold medal1.3

              Quaxly Sprites


              Explore our comprehensive list of Quaxly sprites page for high-quality in-game images. Perfect for trainers, enthusiasts, and Pokémon art lovers alike. Catch 'em all!

              • #912Shiny QuaxlyShiny Quaxly
              • #912QuaxlyQuaxly

              Quaxly Pokédex entries

              VersionsPokédex entry
              ScarletThis Pokémon migrated to Paldea from distant lands long ago. The gel secreted by its feathers repels water and grime."
              VioletIts strong legs let it easily swim around in even fast-flowing rivers. It likes to keep things tidy and is prone to overthinking things.