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Looking to dominate your competition in Pokémon GO Trainer Battles? You'll want to make sure your Gyarados has the right IVs for GO Battle League. We found the top IV combinations for each League in GO Battle League, helping you rise to the top of the ranks. Here are the best Gyarados IVs for each League in Pokémon GO:

Great League icon

Great League

  • 0ATK
  • 15DEF
  • 14STA
1500 CP @ LVL 16.5
Ultra League icon

Ultra League

  • 0ATK
  • 15DEF
  • 14STA
2500 CP @ LVL 27.5
Master League icon

Master League

  • 15ATK
  • 15DEF
  • 15STA
3834 CP @ LVL 50
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The best IVs for PvP are IVs which grant you the maximum amount of Defense and Stamina, and the least amount of Attack. Attack contributes to CP the most, which makes it not ideal for Trainer Battles, while high Stamina and Defense can get you through a lot more battles.

For Leagues with lower CP limits, such as the Great League, usually the best IVs you can have are 0 / 15 / 15, or something similar to that. The reasoning behind this is that we want to pack as much stats as possible in under 1500 CP, and low Attack IV allows us to do that.

For Ultra League, the situation is a bit different, as the CP cap is higher. Pokémon which top over 2500 CP will still prefer 0 / 15 / 15 and similar IVs, but Pokémon whose Max CP doesn't reach 2500 will prefer 15 / 15 / 15. Examples like Watchog whose Max CP is 2056 CP, should have 15 / 15 / 15 for Ultra League, while Scizor (3393 CP) should have 0 / 15 / 15 IVs which will result in 2499 CP, just under the cutoff point.

For Master League, where there is no CP cap, you want perfect Pokémon IVs - 15 / 15 / 15 - regardless of which Pokémon we are talking about.

In general, it is usually Pokémon with IVs you wouldn't use for Raids that are good for Trainer Battles. Also be aware that PvP IVs are important, but not as important as having correct moves and team composition.

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Fast Attacks

DarkBite Heavy Damage4.002.00421s
DragonDragon Breath Multipurpose4.003.00431s
DragonDragon Tail *Multipurpose4.333.001392s
WaterWaterfall Heavy Damage4.002.671282s

Fast moves create energy when used, which can later be used to fire off a Charge move. Unlike Charge moves, Fast moves don't have special status effects.

Ideally, for fast moves you're looking for a move that has both high EPT and high DPT, for example Dragon Breath which has 4 DPT and 3 EPT. It's widely considered that 3 DPT and 3 EPT is the rough baseline for fast moves in PvP.

InfoFast Move stats explained
  • PWR - Power, how much damage the move does
  • ENG - Energy, how much energy the move generates per use
  • CD - How long does it take to perform this move
  • DPT – Damage per turn
  • EPT – Energy per turn

Charged Attacks

DragonOutrage General1.8311060
WaterHydro Pump Nuke1.7313075
DarkCrunch Spam / BaitDebuff
Special effectsSpecial

Crunch has a 30.0% chance to:

  • Decrease Target's Defense by 20.0%
DragonDragon Pulse *General1.509060
WaterAqua Tail *Spam / Bait1.435035
DragonTwister Spam / Bait1.004545

Charge moves cost energy to use, deal a large amount of damage, and some of them even have Special Effects that can change your or your Opponents stats.

Similar to Fast Moves, some Charge moves are strictly better than others. The main metric for comparing charge moves is DPE (Damage per Energy), which describes how much damage you output per Energy point spent.

InfoCharge Move stats explained
  • PWR - Power, how much damage the move does
  • ENG - Energy, how much energy it costs to use a move
  • DPE – Damage per Energy

Moveset analysis

Move set
Charge cycle info
Fast move
Charge move
Charge Time
DMG per cycle
DarkBite Heavy DamageWaterAqua Tail *Spam / Bait9s (18)120
DarkBite Heavy DamageDragonTwister Spam / Bait12s (23)135
DarkBite Heavy DamageDragonDragon Pulse *General15s (30)197
DarkBite Heavy DamageWaterHydro Pump Nuke19s (38)273
DarkBite Heavy DamageDragonOutrage General15s (30)210
DarkBite Heavy DamageDarkCrunch Spam / BaitDebuff
Special effectsSpecial

Crunch has a 30.0% chance to:

  • Decrease Target's Defense by 20.0%
12s (23)150
DragonDragon Breath MultipurposeWaterAqua Tail *Spam / Bait6s (12)93
DragonDragon Breath MultipurposeDragonTwister Spam / Bait8s (15)99
DragonDragon Breath MultipurposeDragonDragon Pulse *General10s (20)151
DragonDragon Breath MultipurposeWaterHydro Pump Nuke13s (25)215
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