Solar Beam

Pokémon GO Solar Beam
Type grass
Category Charge Move
Damage 180
Energy 100
Duration 4900 ms
Damage (+ STAB) 216
Damage per Second 36.73 dmg/s
Damage per Second (+ STAB) 44.08 dmg/s
Energy Bars
Damage Window Length 2000 ms
Damage Starts at 2700 ms
Damage Ends at 4700 ms
Critical Chance 5%

How to dodge Solar Beam

Animation duration of Solar Beam is 4900 ms. In order to avoid full damage, you have 700 ms to dodge, starting at 2700 ms after the move name appears. Damage window of Solar Beam lasts from 2700 ms to 4700 ms of the animation.

Solar Beam Type effectiveness

Solar Beam is super effective against: ground, rock, and water, but it's not very effective against: bug, dragon, flying, fire, grass, poison, and steel.

Deals increased damage

  • ground
  • rock
  • water

Deals reduced damage

  • bug
  • dragon
  • flying
  • fire
  • grass
  • poison
  • steel